dimanche 2 décembre 2018


On the first Saturday of the month, the new Event organized by Jo from Serendipitious Stitching...


Busy Saturday, so I'm one day late for this new theme : dragons.

Well, no dragons stitched but this year I have crossed the path of a few dragons, let me introduce them to you...

This is our Disneyland castle with the dragon's lair 

Knowing Jo's love for dragons, I was tempted to stick a label "this is Jo's dragon's lair".

we visited last April.

Another one during the parade

Quelques dragons bretons vus au château de Suscinio,
     some dragons in Suscinio castle in Brittany

Then the flying dragons during the kite festival in Dieppe. Puis les dragons volants du festival de DIEPPE.

Dragon crash!

 A visitor from  Brasil

But let's go back to what the people choose... dragons

Which shoehorn to use? I was ready to give up when I found a quite funny way to post.

We use the same word "dragon" for dragoon, and "armé" (as in army) for reinforced.
That's it, one of the paper works I have loved on magazine was some little characters made with a kraft reinforced string. And I wanted to try to make a singer choir as in Isabelle Guiot-Hullot book "Poésie de papier".

Et bientôt, dans quelques jours nous rejoindrons l'Alsace où ce charmant dragon accueille les visiteurs à l'hôtellerie des deux clefs de Turckheim.

We will soon be in holidays in Alsace where this lovely dragon welcome visitors in Turckheim.

jeudi 15 novembre 2018


I missed last month post, sorry, I have some health issues which interfered with my schedule,

So back in November, time for a big update :

I have a finish : "une famille formidable" "a wonderful family".

I included it in the GG  post as our grandchilds are gifts to us.

"We are great grandparents (grandparents who rock)
But don't push, we are not a nursery!"

I'm keeping the pattern from Isabelle Haccourt Vautier close to me as cats will be great in birthday cards for cats addict friends.

A little bit of sewing now...

One of my main projects is a kind of lotto/memory game for my greatdaughter and great goddaughter. I planned to cut and sew six sets on six themes : flowers, animals, fruits, geometric patterns, christmas, one to be determined which means 6 sets of 6 patterns + 6x6 squares = 36+36 = 72 x 2 = 144.
I'm afraid to reach this goal when the girls will be 18 years old!

To store that I need to make some bags too. So I'm thinking of a first parcel with 3 sets and the bags then 3 more next year.

Une petite pause côté loto, le plan de base était de fabriquer six plaques sur six thèmes : fleurs, animaux, fruits/légumes, motifs géométriques, Noël et un thème restant à déterminer, ce qui multiplié par deux (ma petite fille et ma petite filleule) atteint les 144 pièces. Pour qu'elles puissent en profiter avant leur dix-huitième anniversaire je vais essayer de séparer mon projet en deux envois : le premier avec trois plaques et les sacs de rangement puis trois plaques supplémentaires l'an prochain.

J'ai donc commencer la confection d'une pochette double et un petit sac bourse pour stocker les petits carrés.

J'utilise un tissu très léger que j'ai choisi de doubler et de surpiquer pour gagner un peu en maintien.
Le tout à réaliser en deux exemplaires pour Soline et Capucine.

I started to sew a pouch and a small bag "purse" to store all the pieces of the game.

I use a very thin fabric so I'll put two layers and topstitch.

My granddaughter's name is Capucine which is the name of a flower and is used in a nursery rhyme "Dansons la capucine" written by Jean-Baptiste Clément (who is famous here for another song : the times of cherries - 1866).

The childish rhyme was popular when kids used to round dance in the schoolyard.

Visiting Frimousse blog, I found a free chart with elfes (link in the previous post).

Colors have been changed to use threads from my stash and emerald DMC for "the people choose" post.

I just finished the musical notes which frame the chart.

Now, you'll find all the links to the bloggers participating in Jo's  Gifted Gorgeousness and very intesresting posts to read here :


mercredi 7 novembre 2018


This is the second post of the new SAL run by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching,

On the first Saturday of each month (or some days later when you're late...) after the "Alphabet Club" and the "Zodiac SAL"  this new event  "Let the people choose!" offers you a monthly theme resulting from the vote of bloggers.

Everything is explained here and you'll find all the links to other bloggers :


The November theme is birthstones.

Deuxième article du nouvel événement organisé sur le blog de Jo "Laissez les gens choisir", le thème du mois étant les pierres de naissance. Native de mai, me voici avec l'émeraude pour thème !

May Birthstone is Emerald.

So DMC offers me 3 emerald green shades, I have chosen 909

One of my next project was to stitch a children's song with my granddaughter name
It's a free pattern from Frimousse who runs an amazing blog with a lot of frees and
a wonderful serie with lovely elves

You must visit her :     

So here I am with a new start, I changed the violet color for the emerald green

Next progress in Gifted Gorgeousness post.

"Dansons la Capucine" faisant partie de mes prochains projets pour broder la chanson à ma petite fille, vous suivrez les progrès sur cette broderie dans les prochains articles GG !

Un petit tour en cuisine...

If you're not wealthy enough to buy emerald,
candied angelica will be delicious in a cake!
But more sticky!

Si vous n'êtes pas assez fortuné pour acheter
des émeraudes, l'angélique confite sera délicieuse
en gâteau ! Quoique plus collante !

When I was reading my stamp magazine, my attention was drawn to this stamp from Macedonia for rare deseases.

A la lecture de Timbres Magazine, mon attention fût attirée
par ce timbre de Macédoine pour ne pas oublier les maladies rares.

Cela ne vous rappelle pas quelque chose...

mercredi 31 octobre 2018


Welcome to the "Halloween Blog Hop" organized by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching...


C'est avec plaisir que nous retrouvons le Blog Hop d'Halloween qu'organise Jo, j'ai brodé auparavant quelques jolis motifs sur ce thème, mais en début d'année j'ai décidé d'entreprendre un beau et grand projet de chez Cuore & Batticuore "J'aime Halloween sous la pluie".

I already stitched some small Halloween patterns to participate to Jo's event but this year I started a big project on Halloween theme.

It's  "I love Halloween in the Rain"  from Cuore e Batticuore.

I wished it could be finished for today but it's not! The black border, the witch bag, fluorescent thread on the moon/umbrella, spiders/web, words and I have no more orange 741 and still only 37 stitches to do with it (can you believe it).

So here it is :

You know I have spent my holidays in Dieppe in last September for an International Kite Festival, I have met a new friend there, seating on the pier, a kiter (he really hold a small kite), the perfect guy to introduce you the letter you're waiting for.

He had some success, many visitors intrigued by this amazing kiter.

Voici un  nouvel ami rencontré en septembre dernier pendant le festival de cerf-volants, installé sur le muret de la plage de Dieppe, pilotant un vrai cerf-volant, autant vous dire qu'il a eu du succès !

Now it's time to get on your witch broom to join the next blog and collect another letter

Have a nice flight, collect all the letters and then go back to Jo with the complete mystery phrase.

You'll see there a wonderful Halloween display.

Today, I'm expecting a visit of two nice monsters and their mum. I think I'll have some help to hunt letters and fun hoping blog to blog.

Happy Halloween!

samedi 6 octobre 2018


New SAL on the first Saturday of each month,
after the "Alphabet Club" and the "Zodiac SAL"  Jo runs now "Let the people choose!".

Everything is explained on her blog and on the first post you'll find all the links to other bloggers :


Halloween isn't a big part of our traditions here, but I have stitched some charts most often to participate in Jo's Halloween Blog Hop...

It was time to have a real big Halloween piece to work on.

It's called "I love Halloween in the rain"   from Cuore e Batticuore started on the end of January.

Here I am now,

With some new raindrops, a spider in progress and a finished white cloud.

I still have some problems with the grey DMC 648 for the skull on the pumpkin which is not ok on the color of the fabric, too pale. The second issue is a small spot near the right border (I could eventually cover with a raindrop!).

Après quelques petits travaux brodés à l'occasion des Blog Hops d'Halloween organisés par Jo, il était temps de réaliser une belle pièce sur ce thème.

Perfect post to update my "une famille formidable"
from Isabelle Haccourt Vautier chart

as some black cats were waiting for back stitching

I only have to finish the big cat on the right which actually looks like it got an insect on the head!

Derniers points sur la famille formidable, les contours des chats, le matou de droite semble avoir pour le moment un gros insecte sur la tête !

Puisqu'elle me tient compagnie dans mon futur projet, je laisse à Madame MIM le mot de la fin,
vous annoncez le prochain thème : les pierres de naissance.