dimanche 17 septembre 2017


Hi, it's time for the gifted gorgeousness,

On Serendipitous Stitching blog, you'll find many clever stitchers who linked their posts here :


September month began with big changes, DD3 moved to a new place to continue her studies.
So, a relocation + 800 km from home, any guess...    we have been busy.

Only a few progress on :

My "vocabulary" book for my grandson with pages on the theme : picture gallery

about the words : museum, frame, painting, pallet, tube of paint, paintbrush, color...

Some knitting, easy to do during the travel...

For my grand daughter, I'd like to knit a woolen hat.

it's only of a rectangle folded in two, points forming ears,  (garter stitch)
not sure of the result, must try...

C'est une laine Bergère de France, coloris Séquoia, tricoté au point mousse, pour un projet de bonnet avec deux petites oreilles.

That's the post to update the "Zazobouzi" fox puzzle, here we are :

The next and penultimate step will be to add the small pieces of velcro then the last work will be to make a bag for storage.

Avant-dernière étape la pose des petites pièces de Velcro sur la base du puzzle puis la confection d'un sac de rangement.

I'm near to "a happy dance" with the Village Quaker, so I keep it for a "special" post.
See you soon

samedi 2 septembre 2017


Dernière ligne droite pour l'ALPHABET CLUB auquel j'ai participé depuis août 2015 avec beaucoup de plaisir. En léger décalage avec les autres participantes, j'ai repris le cours du dictionnaire en août dernier avec le V. Ce matin je m'attaque au W peu généreux en français.

I took part in the ALPHABET CLUB since  August 2015  with a great pleasure but had some troubles to keep up in spring. My dictionnary is opened again, I was back with the V in August and glad to introduce you to the W, not the most generous letter in French language.


As on preview posts, I have imagined a scenario for those mensual posts
as the creators of this new event offer us a quite total liberty to how develop them.

My own way will go into worlds of stitching, words, drawings, designs, garden, cooking, music and travels.

Evocation of  a word begining with the letter linked to DIY activities
and personal researches on what you could find in my garden, in my kitchen, on my record player (the vinyl one), in my travel souvenirs.

Well, that Was not easy, I Wish there Were more Words With a W in French!
So I'm ok for some help of foreign languages, so Welcome!  Willkommen !

W comme Wanted

As I am ALWAYS looking for something, I use to have lists of "missing stash", that can be old things bought long time ago or kept for ages "just in case it happens to be useful one day" or things I bought last week but have already be moved three times in the house to find the right place to be. I should pin to the wall an empty poster and add my list and offer me some reward.

As an example, I was searching for a lovely book about Watercolor by Danielle Donaldson (I'll show it to you an another day).

W comme  Watercolor   (Aquarelle)

Watercolor, we have had so much raindrops falling on our heads this week, why not taking some brush to make a better use of all this water.

L'aquarelle est devenue un vrai plaisir complémentaire du dessin.

Bientôt un article sur une artiste Danielle Donaldson (dès que j'aurais retrouvé son livre).

W comme wax  (cire)

I love candles, I have tried to make some "homemade" long time ago with slices of orange and others with the "ice cube" recipe (you put ice cubes and wax in an empty old milk carton to get irregular shapes).  Should do it again for next Christmas.

but no equivalent with the very special model

we discovered in  Brixlegg Austria

Bougies droites, rondes, flottantes, faites maison, cierges, elles apportent lumière et chaleur dans la maison, les plus jolies étant fabriquées à Brixlegg dans le Tirol.

W comme  Waouh

That's one of favourite words of my grand daughter, who is 14 months old and is always enthusiastic discovering new things. And at this age she is always discovering new things. I envy her.

W comme  www.

An endless space where find more ideas that I could do in a life,  new so useful tutos, new blogs and new friends. For me who is old enough to have known typing invoices with six paper sheets (with three onion skin paper, one white, one green and one rose), waiting for the phone booth to call my family, black and white TV and vinyls, cutting pages to read a book, those 30 last years have been so amazing : waouh, waouh, waouh!

W  comme  double V   in French  and   double U  in English!
En revanche l'alphabet italien ne contient pas de W, utilisé seulement dans les noms étrangers mais sa représentation signifie "evviva"   Hourrah!

W  comme

Good memories of an old funny TV show.

dans la cuisine, in the kitchen

sorry, désolée,  no wasabi or Worcestershire sauce in my cupboards.

  dans le jardin, in the garden

Weigelia rouge

sur la platine vinyl

les Wings
Cafe on the left bank...

When I was young, I loved a lot the Western music

dans mes souvenirs de voyage,  in my travel souvenirs

W comme Washington

last call for letter X next first Saturday in October

lundi 21 août 2017


Kerry from Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict organized a Theme-tas-Stitch event I love a lot,


for this month the theme is : Animalia August

Give some love to those projects with our furry or feathered friends

Voilà, nous ont rejoint des oiseaux, lapin, chat, souris, papillon, moutons, renard, araignée.

Birds, cat, butterfly, mice, sheep, rabbit, fox, spiders  let me show you all my animals parade

les petits oisillons de Patins d'Argent

Pattini d'Argento
Creazioni a Punto Croce

Cuore e Batticuore

the Colin Cardinal of the Brooke's Books Advent Calendar

un tout petit oisillon du Village Quaker

Deux stands du marché de Noël où vous accueillent un chat et une souris
        A cat and a mouse are welcoming you, do you want a cupcake?

des oiseaux et un lapin chez Tra La La,

Deux petits moutons près d'une crèche

un petit renard de chez Zazobouzi

les araignées du vocabulaire
qui attendent la visite de Spiderman

Spiders (attached with a fishing thread) waiting for Spiderman visit.

Un papillon dans le jardin de Timothé,  in Timothé's garden a new butterfly

Les souris d'Odile Bailloeul

un petit jean tout simple pour Monsieur Souris, a simple blue jean,

Un petit tour dans le monde aquatique,
c'était l'occasion de ressortir du panier
à ouvrages : un requin marteau et
une future pieuvre.

In the ocean, it is time to work on a future
octopus and a hammerhead shark!

I'm very pleased by the progress I made on so much different works, I only missed my goose game... but there is ten days to come still in August!

What about a real animal, we have not too far from here a big park Beauval where is born at the beginning of the month a baby panda


If you want more news about the baby and his parents


Some photos of Mum and Dad I took in 2014, can't wait to go to the zoo very soon to see the new hippopotamus pool.

mardi 15 août 2017


It's time to update the Gifted Gorgeousness Post on August 15th
organized by Jo


I am still working on two projects for my grand children, a puzzle "fox" made in fabric and some scrapbooking alphabet/words.

Mes deux petits-enfants inspirent à nouveau après le Tenuous Shoe-Horn mon article du Gifted Gorgeousness, des progrès donc dans la fabrication du puzzle tissu et du livre alphabet.

Un peu de couture pour avancer le projet de puzzle de chez Zazobouzi
Faux filage, surpiqûre, pose de molleton et de bande velcro.


Pour le classeur alphabet / vocabulaire
Cette page sera dédiée aux mots en relation avec la peinture, tube, couleur, palette...

l'envers de la palette recevra un grand pinceau,
des tubes de couleur,

découpés dans un magazine hors série de Marianne Maison
découpages en trompe l'oeil

painter's palette  (found in a magazine bought in 2002
perfect for my 2017 project!)

for words about the universe of painting

Cette page reçoit quelques cadres vides
les marques jaunes réservent l'emplacement
pour de futurs portraits familiaux.

Some frames which will receive some futur portraits
(of the family)

Dans six jours seulement, de joyeux animaux nous rejoindront pour parader à l'occasion du Theme-Tas-Stitch du mois d'août.
Only six days to wait for all the animals parade for the Theme-tas-stitch August theme.