vendredi 20 mai 2016


Since February, I lost track of wipocalypse,

Before the end of the world, we do want to complete our projects and Measi invites us to share our progress during the monthly check-in

I miss 2 months, busy with "GG" stitchings, but I have made some progress on "Goose game" :
here I am,
après deux mois d'absence dans les wip posts, voici mes progrès sur le jeu de l'oie :

on 42 : maze is finished ; 34 : goose, sky & water ok ; 7-8 : girl and tree wip ; 6 :  bridge trees water wip.

My works on keys are stopped there, I have to add some blades of grass, maybe flowers, wash, iron and add charms.

la clé de l'énigme et prendre la clé des champs attendent quelques finitions

that leads to the question of the month  (via Jo) which is :

What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it?

In May, I was stitching "labyrinth" :  finished in September

"lace",  stopped on the last row cause I choose a too complicated motive, I have to cut it off.

"goose game" : see above

In May last year, I was playing with some followers a little guessing game about a journey around some French towns linked to stitching. 
From March 18th to June 21th, we visited a lot of different places, museums,  led by some famous guests guides.

In May, Sacha and his Pokemon friends and Harry Potter were inviting you.

This year, I'd like to organize a new trip.
Two young ladies are almost ready for this event.


Next WIP post will be on June 20th.

Of course, I known about the Olympic Games in Rio, but if someone can explain me the mysterious  topic of next July, I'll be grateful :

July 19 – Topic: (two options) If you are participating in the Olympic Challenge, tell us about your plans – which type of challenge you’ve selected, the pieces you’ll be stitching on, etc.

dimanche 15 mai 2016


It's Sunday not so sunny but a special day cause we are May 15th and it is Jo Gifted Gorgeousness monthly meeting.

Everything is explained here :

Many talented stitchers are participating to this SAL, they deserve your visit.

Tout d'abord, quelques achats sur le marché de Vaison la Romaine, juste un petit mètre de tissu et quelques bavoirs prêts à broder.

Since April post, we spent a week in Provence where I bought this lovely fabric which will be useful for sewed gifts,

and bibs ready to stitch for young baby girls

Holidays, family visits, week-end were busy but not a lot of stitching.

I have already talked about all my mistakes : salad of green, one stitch too long purple border, and even yesterday two more rows on Christmas trees, but now here we are ;

What about a patch or a vaccine against counting mistakes in chart?

I'm still cleaning my leaves

As it's a birthday month, DD3 offered me this lovely pendant she made.

Happy stitching

samedi 14 mai 2016


In the previous post, I showed you some pics of our trip to Provence

I use to organize to myself a challenge during holidays in addition to traditional pics. I find a theme and try to photograph things linked to it (it can be a shape, find things with a round shape in the city, in architecture, in whatever you want, a color : find everything blue)

Thinking about my theme on the road to Provence, the purple color came as Prince was on the radio...

so many tones : violet, purple, lavander, mauve... tant de coloris

To begin,  exhibition around vine

perfect  color gradation   in Suze-la Rousse

candies and lavander bag in Vaison la Romaine 
(look pink and blue on the pics but were really more purple!)

 j'ai plus d'un tour dans mon sac
I have more tricks in my bag

Isle sur Sorgue,  parasol et chaises/chairs en terrasse


glycine en balcon
wisteria on balcony

vieux magasin de jouets

old toys shop in Nyons

very thin purple asparagus   (so delicious cooked with olive oil)

et enfin, ce superbe vitrail de la paroisse St Bach à Suze la Rousse
Finally this magnificent stained-glass window
in St Bach church

Back to greyness, cloudy sky and humidity unfortunately,
Too chilly to have a lunch on the terrace or a barbecue and gardening with the rain and wind is just good to get a cold. That means needles, pencils and paintbrushes will be on the table. How nice!

La grisaille du ciel n'engage pas à jardiner, déjeuner en terrasse avec un bon barbecue, mais cela veut dire aussi que les aiguilles, crayons et pinceaux seront sur la table de travail. Sympa !   A+

jeudi 12 mai 2016


Here we are, back with news from the stitching done during the holidays

les crieurs du marché de Nyons, criers of Nyons market

Pas de très bonnes nouvelles à crier, beaucoup de bêtises plutôt.

I stitched only on three charts this holiday week,
my italian mystery was there,
I stitched four green colors very similar
and after 3 or 4 hours of stitching
in different places chart doesn't match
found the wrong place wasn't easy
different feelings came...

and my face was certainly near to...

so after some help from wellknown friends

things are ok now and here we are

some progress also on "brin d'un jour" Christmas market

but back to the house, I discover the past week-end that there was a mistake too in the violet border
Pénélope a dû démonter le cadre violet, un rang trop bas...

 second look

               needles and weaving machine in Vaison la Romaine museum

the place to stitch was very pleasant but the stitcher not focused enough

Visiting St Bach church, we found those lovely banners of St Vincent and St Antoine

un clin d'oeil, boutures en vente dans le hall au profit de la paroisse...

cuttings on sale, for the benefit of the parish

nous finirons avec quelques scènes du village de santons
recréant l'atmosphère des marchés et des scènes de films tournés en Provence
avec Fernandel, Louis de Funès ou Yves Montand

I'll finish with some pics of "Provençal crib scenes"
houses, market et some scenes of French movies shot in Provence

a link to the website (english/german/french)

Leave on a Gilbert Bécaud song...

Voici pour cent francs du thym de la garrigue 
Un peu de safran et un kilo de figues 
Voulez-vous, pas vrai, un beau plateau de pêches 
Ou bien d'abricots ? 
Voici l'estragon et la belle échalote 
Le joli poisson de la Marie-Charlotte 
Voulez-vous, pas vrai, un bouquet de lavande 
Ou bien quelques œillets ? 
Et par dessus tout ça on vous donne en étrenne 
L'accent qui se promène et qui n'en finit pas 

Gilbert Bécaud  "les marchés de Provence"

mercredi 11 mai 2016


Nous venons de passer une semaine de vacances en Provence...
We just spent an holidays week in Provence...

le Mont Ventoux  1912 m

Installés à Caromb près de Carpentras

petit rappel géographique

le département du Vaucluse

                                         et celui de la Drôme

Découverte du Château de Suze-la-Rousse
dans le sud de la Drôme

    how were transported amphoras

 les bateaux remontant le Rhône du port de  Marseille à Arles puis Vienne

 make me feel I was visiting the inside of
 a green Wedgwood miniature

décor en stuc orné de cerf-volants
skites on stucco ornament

 la rivière de l'Ouvèze  Vaison la Romaine

Isle sur Sorgue

 le pont de Nyons  XIVème siècle

et les crieurs de nouvelles du marché,   news criers on the market

à suivre..   to be followed
brodons en Provence et concours photo