vendredi 20 mai 2016


Since February, I lost track of wipocalypse,

Before the end of the world, we do want to complete our projects and Measi invites us to share our progress during the monthly check-in

I miss 2 months, busy with "GG" stitchings, but I have made some progress on "Goose game" :
here I am,
après deux mois d'absence dans les wip posts, voici mes progrès sur le jeu de l'oie :

on 42 : maze is finished ; 34 : goose, sky & water ok ; 7-8 : girl and tree wip ; 6 :  bridge trees water wip.

My works on keys are stopped there, I have to add some blades of grass, maybe flowers, wash, iron and add charms.

la clé de l'énigme et prendre la clé des champs attendent quelques finitions

that leads to the question of the month  (via Jo) which is :

What were you stitching this time last year and have you finished it?

In May, I was stitching "labyrinth" :  finished in September

"lace",  stopped on the last row cause I choose a too complicated motive, I have to cut it off.

"goose game" : see above

In May last year, I was playing with some followers a little guessing game about a journey around some French towns linked to stitching. 
From March 18th to June 21th, we visited a lot of different places, museums,  led by some famous guests guides.

In May, Sacha and his Pokemon friends and Harry Potter were inviting you.

This year, I'd like to organize a new trip.
Two young ladies are almost ready for this event.


Next WIP post will be on June 20th.

Of course, I known about the Olympic Games in Rio, but if someone can explain me the mysterious  topic of next July, I'll be grateful :

July 19 – Topic: (two options) If you are participating in the Olympic Challenge, tell us about your plans – which type of challenge you’ve selected, the pieces you’ll be stitching on, etc.

7 commentaires:

  1. Great work on your WIPocalypse pieces. Is there a method to which squares you stitch on the game board or are you just choosing ones you like?
    On the main page about the WIPocalypse Measi talks about the Olympic Challenge - "Olympic Stitching! The Summer Olympics will be held in Rio and will run from August 5th to 21st. We’ll be hosting a challenge for everyone stitching on their WIPs to run for the length of the Olympics with three different “competitions”: a rotation challenge (for those who like to work on a bunch of different pieces), a distance challenge (for those one at a time stitchers, or anyone else who wants to do some serious focusing on a particular piece), and a color challenge (stitch only in the colors of the olympic rings on your WIP pieces, OR… your nation’s flag)."

    1. About goose game, I have planned to keep 20 original patterns which let me with 42 squares to change. (Why am I always changing charts!). So I began with easy stitching and work on 2 drawings with balloons and kites. I must admit that I'm a little disturbed by stitching "feet to head". I take a breath and think to Elfie. Thanks for explaining me OG wip rules. I'll try to find a funny way to post for that challenge.

  2. Beautiful stitching! Can't wait to see where those lovely ladies will take us!

  3. Great stitching on the goose game, difficult to plan. Looking forward to your next journey

  4. Bonne avancée sur tes projets.
    Ce que Jo explique concernant the Olympic Challenge est vraiment très intéressant. Dommage que je ne sois par participante de Wipocalypse, mais je vais suivre les blogs des autres.

  5. Your goose game looks great!
    Oh... how exciting - a new journey is about to begin! Is that Elizabeth Bennett waiting to take us on tour?
    Hugs xx