jeudi 21 décembre 2017


Here is the December update for Theme-Tas-Stitch Kerry from Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict organizes.

No surprise, Christmas is our theme this month :

"Deck the Halls December"
Christmas is almost upon us so pull out those Christmas themed projects or stitch a new ornament for the tree.

I want to show you my "Christmas Market"  5/6

It's a chart from Brin par Brin, six different characters,

I changed the colors to use my stash and gifted threads.

The last to stitch is a nice bear ? selling candles.

We are leaving for some holidays, no wifi, a break with family in Alsace.

Two more muffs for warm hands...

                                                        I wish you a Merry Christmas

                                                        and hope I'll be back on blog before this year ends.

dimanche 17 décembre 2017


Hi! Welcome to day 17th of the Advent Calendar Blog Hop

Jo organizes this event, here you can find all the links to the bloggers

Here is the stitching I have done for this Calendar, I'm in a "skating" mood for some years looking for some charts, I found this one in an old folder of my Mum, I think it's from "Modes et Travaux" magazine.

It's stitched with two threads of white DMC and one metallic thread on red Aïda.
The back will be done with the fabric I bought during holidays, lovely skaters.

This is the 2016 skating stitching

you'll recognize the N° 1
of free Brooke's Book Animal Advent Calendar

I'm not far from the end of the "Pattini d'Argento"  from Cuore e Batticuore,

I stopped stitching the characters because as I changed the red colors now I  don't like the colors of the scarf.

I'm stitching the string at the top of the chart between the two white stars on trees and the girl's hair.

No Boxing Day in France, on the 26th we used to rest at home (when we are not working), taking the opportunity of sharing time with kids playing with their new toys, now they are older and we are very happy when the family can gathered for Christmas.

This year will be different, as we will be in holidays in Alsace, a well known aera for Christmas markets. We will share this time with DD1 and her family and DD3 back from highschool.
How many sleeps to wait is the recurring question (today is 6).

Now, you're lucky because you'll have to visit Tiffany my "twin stitching sister" for this Sunday.

                                                            Joyeuses Fêtes de Noël !

samedi 16 décembre 2017


Last update for the 2017 Gifted Gorgeousness proposed by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching.

And a finish!

The fox puzzle is done, from designer Zazobouzi, bought in January in a local craft fair :

I have kept some fabric to sew a little bag to keep the puzzle safe.

Next project for her is to make a lotto game with some fleece for the cards and fabrics with some animals or flowers patterns.

Here she is!  with her woolen cap on, her mum customized some old blocks with some family photos.

I had enough brown wool to knit in crochet this lovely mug "fox" I saw on internet for her mother.

No progress on new pages for the  "words book" for my grandson but I have given it to him, he looked at those pages with interest but the paper model plane had the best success.

J'ai donné son classeur "Les Mots de Timothé" à son destinataire qui a consulté avec intérêt les premières pages (la maquette d'avion ayant remporté un franc succès).

Here are my progress on the little muff I'm knitting for the little lady and two biggest I made for me and her mum.

The three generations will keep their hands warm visiting Christmas markets...

Trois générations garderont leurs mains au chaud pour visiter les marchés de Noël en cette fin d'année...

This is it, participating in "Gifted Gorgeousness" was a really nice monthly meeting, thanks to Jo, no doubt 2018 will be a year full of good progress on GiftIP, happy rescues of not finished works and many new ideas to offer to friends and family.

internet pic

mercredi 6 décembre 2017


Hi, here is the new Zodiac Sal from Jo, succeeding to the Alphabet Club, on the first Saturday of each month.

We have many ways to post, maybe about Zodiac design, something related to Air for example, or  to family members native of the sign.

22 novembre - 21 décembre  -   Sagittaire

I was supposed to post on last Saturday, but it's quite a challenge to join this SAL...

No zodiac stitching, fire could have been a good way but how to find something linked to Sagittarius, I felt "archer" was the solution (let's take my shoehorn to wear Robin Hood boots), but which work in progress to post on...

I finished a wool hat for my granddaughter
(the color was chosen to be close to fox fur and I made ears)

Now I'd like to try to knit a muff for her.

I'm knitting with two different wools to use old stash
and n° 9 needles for a fast work.

Easy to knit,
I need to make a cord
and find ideas for a finish.

Un petit manchon pour miss Capucine
tricoté avec deux laines du stock
dont une mohair

peut-être une petite déco avec des
feuilles de houx ou bien un petit

I could add some leaves of holly in fabric and red tiny pompoms or sew a little fox.

Now the question is : why Granny has no muff?