dimanche 30 avril 2017


Département :   84   sur le parchemin,   on the parchment,     Sorgue    9/1.

St Véran,    le gouffre/the chasm,  9/2.



je veux des étagères très hautes
juste pour pouvoir m'offrir ce genre de chaise :
I want very high bookshelves only to offer me this kind of chair

le lutrin, the lectern


It is the last Sunday of the month, it's time for WIPOCALYPSE hosted by Melissa


My goals for 2017 are to work on : keys/poppies themes/goose game/

Goose game was the main work I already posted, as the April showers from Kerry's Theme-a-Stitch gave me a significant boost with the water theme.

So, it's a Work In Provence post...

I just came back from some holidays. I had to choose some works to bring with me
not the complicated one or with many patterns, threads, fabric to put in the suitcase.
I bring three projects : one WIP  I could stitch in the car :

Marché de Noël - Brin par brin
Cupcakes shop
avancée sur le stand
des cupcakes du marché
de Noël

one mysterious Halloween project (kept for the U TAC shoehorn post for the first Saturday of May)

and a new start, a small one which needed very good light (supposed a better one in the sky of South of France!)
et un nouvel ouvrage, petites croix nécessitant une très bonne lumière (supposée meilleure sous le ciel de Provence)

A stitching from Mr X-Stitch I saw on Jo's Blog Serendipitous Stitching, Mona Lisa,
Une broderie remarquée chez Jo de Serendipitous Stitching, la Mona Lisa de chez Mr X-Stitch

Mona Lisa,  What else!
for Jocondine

vendredi 21 avril 2017


Theme-tas-stitch is an event organized by Kerry


Le thème d'avril est l'eau, sous toutes ses formes, où se cache le H2O ?

This month theme is water,
where found H2O

April Showers - 
What pieces do you have that contain water? - It might be rain, river, sea or lake - see how many stitches you can make!

It's spring, but two of my works are still in winter :

I added snowflakes on "Tableautin d'hiver"

I already finished stitching ice on "Les patins d'argent"      
 "Cuore & Batticuore"

two big snowflakes too

Goose game,  the river/ and water in geese swimming squares
Jeu de l'oie, la rivière en case 6 pont et les oies nageant

so this month was the good one

to work on :

the square 31 is of course
a well
la case 31 est un puits

the painter needs a brush (with water)

a goose game without a stop
to drink a good cup of tea?
thanks to Kerry
as I have some empty squares
to complete
I added it in square 19

water in cup of tea

rosée du matin sur les topiaires

morning dew on the topiary

Don't forget the beads of sweat on the stitcher forehead!

That's all for April Showers!


  We are looking for a shop-museum.

No hurry, we are leaving home tomorrow morning for some holidays,
nearby this place
maybe some more news if we get some wifi there...

mercredi 19 avril 2017


We are looking for a museum - shop

As it will be soon time for holidays
we'll have many days for this step, only two clues, next post on Friday evening
and the answer on last Sunday of April 

Bientôt les vacances, connexion incertaine donc plus de temps pour résoudre
cette étape et trouver le musée-magasin que nous cherchons.
Elle comprendra un deuxième indice publié vendredi soir.
Réponse le dernier dimanche d'avril.

mardi 18 avril 2017


Nous sommes décidement très occupés en cette période pascale,
c'est l'heure du Gifted Gorgeousness puisque le calendrier marque le 15 du mois, un petit bilan donc sur les travaux en cours liés de près ou de loin aux cadeaux reçus ou à offrir.

A busy week-end, abd it's time for an update on Gifted Gorgeousness from Jo


The first one I want to show is Village Quaker,
this is a gift to myself, and really it's such a pleasure to stitch, that it's a great gift

Some progress on other works, voici les progrès sur mes autres en cours :

Brin par brin : marché de Noël

stitched with a   DMC  violet given by DD3

Les patins d'argent

I finished the trunk on the left side

Tra la la, tableautin d'hiver

Quand Noël s'en mêle

A quite hippy cow for a Nativity Scene.

Have fun visiting all the other stitchers participating in the Gifted Gorgeousness.

lundi 17 avril 2017


Département : 64    - Roxane,     l'héroïne de   Cyranno de Bergerac            8/1.
Chirurgie du nez ! Nose plastic surgery! - Pyrenées  (mountains)  - Chantecler, a famous stage play   8/2.
"Villa" - l'expression boîte à ciseaux en anglais "  for ink an pen"   extrait de la tirade du nez - excerpt of "nose speech".  8/3.


You remember "les éditions des Saints Pères"
we visited in the third step,

Here is a fac-similé of Edmond Rostand writing

Voici quelques accessoires que vous pourriez aisément trouver dans les pages d'un magazine de mode.
You could find those accesories in a fashion magazine.

cufflink/boutons de manchettes

vendredi 14 avril 2017


Welcome to the  Easter Treasure Hunt Blog Hop

Jo   from  "Serendipitous Stitching" is organizing her Easter Blog Hop

You'll have to collect letters all around the blogs and forme a sentence
then go back to Jo with the mystery phrase.


First here is the stitching
I'm making for this event

an egg cup

an empty egg cup

un coquetier vide ?

it is a pattern I bought
at the beginning of this year

from Brin par brin
called "Guests in my kitchen?"

designed by Stéphanie Lejeune

I recently discovered the 12 days of Christmas song
and have great pleasure to follow the stitchers working on different patterns

so I chose the 3 French hens as we will look for Easter Eggs very soon in the garden

to introduce my letter  which is an
Larissa Holland


Now, I am glad to invite you to visit

  Sheryl     at    Sewing After Seven


There you will find a new letter and
a lot of lovely works
as she is a very talented stitcher

Jo's    Joan Elliot      12DoXmas                                                         Léonie's   P. Stewart    12DoXmas

Now I wish you good luck collecting letters

Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques