mercredi 19 avril 2017


We are looking for a museum - shop

As it will be soon time for holidays
we'll have many days for this step, only two clues, next post on Friday evening
and the answer on last Sunday of April 

Bientôt les vacances, connexion incertaine donc plus de temps pour résoudre
cette étape et trouver le musée-magasin que nous cherchons.
Elle comprendra un deuxième indice publié vendredi soir.
Réponse le dernier dimanche d'avril.

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm enjoying a visit to Senanque Abbey in Gordes department 84 Vaacluse.

    Have a wonderful vacation.

    1. Gordes is a wonderful village, you are already very close to the place we are looking for! Hugs.

  2. No idea! I think it may be in region 84 but I have never heard of the abbaye.

  3. "Abbay of Sorgue" is my "invention" to imagine a dialogue for Sean Connery as I refer to the movie "the name of the rose" (1986), but it is also a source of information. Keep guessing!