dimanche 9 avril 2017


Département 36 : Indre.  (on the candle)

George Sand  née Aurore Dupin devint baronne en épousant le Baron François Dudevant.
She  became Baroness when she married the Baron François Dudevant.  7/1.

Sand means sable in French, the solution was on the shore! George is more often given to a man 7/2.

George Sand and  Alfred de Musset were lovers, she had a love story with Chopin too.  7/3.



Can't wait to visit this place and
see the piano
Chopin composed a lot in Nohant
Chopin composa de nombreuses
oeuvres à Nohant notamment
"Les Préludes"


ce dessin a été fortement inspiré
par le timbre paru en 2004,

this drawing was inspired by
the stamp edited in 2004

Congrats to Debbie and Brigitte who found the right answer.

George Sand used to open her house to many famous friends : writers, painters, musicians.

Making researches for this post, I have found an artist : Catherine Mouligné, who imitates famous hand writing for movies, TV series... best way to be a counterfeiter,
she wrote like George Sand for a movie "Les enfants du siècle" (GS was played by Juliette Binoche)



Eugène Delacroix séjourna plusieurs fois à Nohant à l'invitation de George Sand, il peignit plusieurs portraits de la romancière.
Eugène Delacroix stayed many times in Nohant invited by George Sand, he painted many portaits of the novelist.

So many paintings with readers...  this theme will complete this post

The first I want to show you was painted  by Paul-Albert Bartholomé  (1848-1928)
"Périe (his wife) lisant (reading)" 1883
(DH great-gr-gr-xxx  uncle)

La lectrice - Odile Gonnet

Fyffe Christie (1918 - 1979)
Artist wife reading  1953

Vittorio Matteo Corcos  (peintre florentin 1859-1933) - Rêves - 1896

Miles Hyman
images trouvées sur la toile, all those pictures come from internet.

See you on Wednesday....   you don't have to put on the red light!

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  1. Beautiful paintings - of course George Sand! I was confused by "persuasion" to think it was Jane Austen!