lundi 16 février 2015

COEUR de ROCKER & GIVEAWAY Victorian Motto Sampler

Enfin, ce lundi mes petits coeurs en feutrine sont enfin apparus sur le blog de ma partenaire
de St Valentin à l'occasion du Blog Hop organisée par JO (voir post du 14/02)

Le site VICTORIAN MOTTO SAMPLER est toujours généreux
si vous voulez profitez du giveaway proposé par Nancy

c'est ici

dimanche 15 février 2015


Second rendez-vous avec le "Gifted Gorgeouness" de JO

As I'm still looking for my Valentine... there is already the second GG to update

my Valentine's Day was a sweet one, some pics to savour reading this post....


A new event modified my projects

A friend of DD1 have had a baby boy in january,
so a card to knit, a bib to sew,
and some elephants ornaments

with a lovely fabric

with couples of animals
ready to jump in the ark

sewed on wrong side
not easy to return
but with patience
and persistence

have I told you that
the boy was named

pour un joli bébé
prénommé Noé

Comment imaginer que cette bobine
de laine à repriser issue d'un vieux stock
de maman inutilisé se révèlerait
si utile au moment de confectionner
une queue pour un éléphant bleu ?

How could you imagine that this
blue darning thread  (from an old stock)
would prove to be so useful
this time for the making of
a tail for a blue elephant....

as you can see a tea pot is
always the good way to
find the right design

Just for fun, about elephant I took this pic last autumn, visiting "Beauval Zoo"
Just imagine three volumes of your encyclopedia between the two animals
and think of the strong shelf you need for them.

GG2 : a beginning during our small holidays :
on an aïda dark blue, blanc B5200 / bleu 794

A Chibi stitches design,
from Mélanie Pelet,
free pattern given on
France Broderie stand
(for a blue linen purchase)

in memory of the "Charlie Hebdo" team killed in Paris on january 7 th.

GG3   Dans la série "les clés"  la clé de sol.....

some progress on musical score

divers diagrammes de clefs trouvés sur le net / patterns by (ex ; lesloisirsdabbygaelle - echevette)

vous voulez nous rejoindre dans cette aventure
do you want to join this sal...   it's here

samedi 14 février 2015


Pour la seconde année, je participe au "blog hop" de Jo

Secret Stitching Sweetheart

For my second participation to Jo's  Secret Stitching Sweetheart Blog Hop
Here is the stitching I share to you,
you can go there
many hearts are waiting for your visit

Si vous souhaitez une jolie ballade en ce jour de Saint Valentin n'hésitez pas à allez faire un petit tour chez Jo, vous y trouverez la liste des participantes.

Voici donc la broderie que je présente à l'occasion du Secret Stitching Sweetheart
un petit tour du monde des blogueuses pour trouver où sont partis se promener mes
petits coeurs en feutrine.

un petit côté british dans les fleurs bleues et rouges......

who is my secret stitching sweetheart ?

I can't wait to visit other stitching friends today.

Sweet thanks for organizing....

dimanche 1 février 2015


En cette deuxième pleine lune de l'année, je vais rejoindre le dôme

WIPocalypse is hosted by Measi's Musings

As we'll be "under the dome" tomorrow
I must for this second full moon write my article now

In progress this month :

As it was my first try
for a steampunk christmas tree

a douzen of little owls
finds this sweet home
these two last weeks

Topic : How do you overcome that feeling that you're in a rut with particular project ?

one of my oldest stitch piece is "autumn" this work has been bought many years ago
on a exhibition fair  dH and I  have choosen it because it looked very nice.

 Like lighting conductor attracts lighting, this work attracts problems

+ my first linen work

+ a green linen which is not now often easy
 to stitch on

+ my first try of 1/1

+ a pattern in 2 scales, so instructions not well applied then a mistake in the position of three berets

  I had to take them off with some damage to the cloth

  (still one design I am not sure of)

+ a back stitch which is a mess
+ lose faith many times

only times will tell

some more progress on lace, keys but no pic yet.