dimanche 5 juillet 2015


Nouvelle édition 2015 de la Japan Expo
This week-end, in Paris is the Japan Expo
cette année le cosplay de DD3 est AHRI
DD3 cosplay this year is AHRI
c'est un personnage de League of Legends
un renard à neuf queues
A character of League of Legends
a fox

rappel des années précédentes...

Rose Lalonde


 LUKA  (Vocaloïd)

Japan expo 2014 - Carnaval du Lycée -    Reine des cartes...

3 commentaires:

  1. oh my goodness!! it's AMAZING!!
    tell your daughter I LOVE LOVE LOVE all her cosplay dresses, WOW!
    I've never been to any, there isn't much of a cosplay tradition here. :(
    and the wigs! I would be head over heels to be wearing heels in public with a good excuse like carnival and costume parties :D
    the new fox costume is just.. perfect!! great job! tell her I'm giving her multiple virtual hi-fives on loop! :D

  2. Looks like your daughter had a great time, Amazing event!

  3. Your daughter's outfit is fabulous! I also love the one with all the playing cards. Very clever.