lundi 22 février 2016


Would I Propose One Charming  And Lovely Yellow Post Serendipitously...    Eclectic

Yes, a full moon means a WIPOCALYPSE update
Check Measi's blog and visit other blogs...

Eclectic and maybe a little bit  Elliptical

Goose Game

some progress on squares 1/2, 6,  7/8

numbering will be stitched with a DMC 721
bright orange

Eclectic and maybe Enigmatic,
these keys open which doors?

some ice blue stitches
to finish the magnifying glass

un petit reflet dans la loupe

Eclectic and maybe a little bit Enclosed

barriers have been finished and cleaned
some grass is now growing on the ground
cette clôture est maintenant terminée et nettoyée
l'herbe pousse sur le sol

Eclectic and maybe a little bit Eccentric,

stamped... timbrée...  two meanings here : your envelope is stamped but it means also "crazy" (perhaps a link with a cracked bell which has a different tone) as we also say "timbre de la voix" for voice sound.

"My own stamp" is a new service offered by French Post Office for personal stamps
you can use a picture to create your own stamp dedicated to an event (birth, wedding...)
or why not, your blog!

La plus timbrée des blogueuses, enfin il est là, perfectible bien entendu mais ce premier essai
(compliqué le logiciel de commande) me fait déjà très plaisir "Mon timbre à moi".


It looks like a "E" TAC  post

E  S  P   Y   L  A   C  O  P  I  W
En Souhaitant Pouvoir Y Lire Aussi Certaines Opinions Particulièrement Intéressantes, Waouh !

Topic for February   (via Hazel)

If you have any of your pieces on display in your home which attracts the most plaudits

three girls playing with kites are welcoming you...    for a kite fan dad of three daughters.

ces trois demoiselles jouant avec des cerfs-volants vous accueillent dans l'entrée de la maison.

5 commentaires:

  1. What a wonderfully clever post! Your game is looking great and the stamps are a brilliant idea. I wish we had them here, I'd buy a whole book of them!
    I really like the three kite flyers too. It's a design I've been tempted by.

  2. Lovely work and how cool about the stamp!!

  3. Tu as raison, c'est un peu comme un TAC post pour la lettre "E" ;) Je trouve très intéressant de voir tes timbres personnels, je ne sais pas si notre poste offre cela aussi.

  4. Such wonderful ideas! A game, first time I've seen this, I guess I need to look at some of your past posts, how clever! Your own stamps!!!! I'd love my own stamps - with blog name, of course! Such lovely kite fliers.
    Great post my dear!

    Hugs, Barbara xx

  5. Hi Jocondine, your WIPs are so beautiful! Happy stitching!