vendredi 15 juillet 2016


You know that Jo from Serendipitous Stitching organizes a SAL about gifts received or offered,

What happened since June?

Previously, I have shown you a couple of mice I made as a gift to myself.

J'ai récemment accueilli un couple de souris, en tenues très légères, il me faut leur confectionner une garde-robe...

They wear lovely undergarnements but now they need wardrobes, perfect gifts to prepare...

I recently bought some fabric in "Theophile" shop in Azay le Rideau
         the black lined white fabric to sew a "marinière" kind of breton sweater for Mr Mouse
                      the red one for Mrs's dress was bought last year in Sarlat

I bought this lovely fox purse in Théophile too, for DD1

Premier essai pour cette broderie d'étiquettes cartonnées qui bientôt habilleront élégamment quelques paquets
              first test for those stitchable gift tags                                   Rico design
                          (3 threads left - 2 threads right)

the flower chart is from Las Labores de Ana (a gift from Sheryl)

The main project I'm working on at this time is what I called my italian mystery since GG february
It's time now to show you a complete view

I bought the chart in January DIY fair, as a gift for my Christmas decoration
it is  :  Avvolgente Natale  de Sérénita di Campagna

roots + trunk + branches

what kind of tree...
All those greens    3345, 3346,  890,  895, 934, I'm lost sometimes

 Here I'm today

The birth of my second grand child at the end of June makes stitching bib urgent...

As forest animals are the theme choosen by her mother, I'm stitching a little fox

Vous avez reconnu le petit renard de "The Snowflower Diaries"

what is he smelling now?

As many birthdays gifts are on my working list, can't show you too much but I got some help!

Happy Stitching!

Brodons juste pour arrêter le temps.

6 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I am disappointed in the finished photo of the alternative tree. I thought it was going to be a dragon! Please add a head and some flames LOL
    The mice are so cute, I just loved the mouse town video from your previous post.

  2. Busy needle. That is a truly unique Christmas tree - well done!

  3. Great stitching progress. Love the fox purse and gift tags.

  4. The Xmas tree is lovely. Oh I love the minion stitching accessories!

  5. I enjoyed coming by to read your GG post. I do love your mice - they are so cute.

  6. Great GG post! I love your mice :o)
    That gorgeous Xmas tree is coming along beautifully...
    Hugs xx