samedi 17 septembre 2016


Hi,  we are September the 17th... and I'm pleased to join te Big Birthday Blog Hop from
Jo - Serendipitious Stitching

My year is   1983

Jo was 17.  She had taken her O level exams in the Summer and passed them with good grades (including a B for French!) and was now studying Maths, Physics and English A levels in the Sixth Form.  She has also started going to a local rock music club and going to concerts with her friends there.  in 1983 she went to the Monsters of Rock at Donington and saw the Michael Schenker Group in Ipswich.

1983 :  I was already working in an office, no computer, no printer, no photocopy, it was long time ago...
Typing invoices and estimates about electrical installations occasionally in stenography (results were sometimes quite surprising); An original and five copies with carbon paper, a big registration book for entering invoices. All that sounds very wild!
Very proud to get my own flat and drive my own Renault 4. 
No great event maybe only meet that guy at work who will come back 18 months later to stay for a while...

I used to sew my clothes and do some stitching but not crosstitch.
Somewhere in my boxes is hidden a work not framed, it's a stepladder with plants stitched in different technics.

Jo asked us to add a photo of something which will appeal to her;

You know I love games : card games, goose games... and I thought what a good idea to imagine a special 50 birthday game dedicated to our dear Jo,  so...

As our stitching is alive with Jo's events all year long

you can take a look  you will find a stitching year in 50 squares
Rules :

I have checked and re-checked but some words may be incorrect, thank you for apologizing my errors...

Files can be print on A3 paper for the game and A4 for the rules.

I have printed some and I can send them by mail when I'll be back home if you want to play this game with us just send me an email.

Glad to have shared this fine day with you and many, many wishes to Jo!

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  1. Thanks for taking part in the Birthday Blog Hop. I absolutely love my game! I will be making my son play it with me tomorrow once I've finished reading all the blogs!
    When I first started work we had a group of women who operated the Visual Display Units which were early word processors. They were all trained typists from the old typing pool who did all our word processing for us. We did use pocket calculators ourselves to do the accounting but in earlier times there had been a comptometer department who did all the calculations on special machines. We also sent telexes for urgent messages.

  2. This is s great post and I love the game! I remember the office days without all the electronics, having to make sure you had lots of carbon paper, envelopes and stamps on hand.

  3. Loved seeing your stitched staircase with all those different stitches, and the game is just so funny, and so suitable :)

  4. What a unique post. I enjoyed it immensely. Love your crewel piece--it brings back memories of the '70's!

  5. How neat that you made a game for the blog hop!! It has been fun learning about your past as well as Jo's! :D

  6. What a great game!It must have taken you a lot of time to make! Loved your stitching!AriadnefromGreece!

  7. Love the game!!! How brilliant :o)
    I remember those days at work before computers - I think we were probably much better typists then due to the fact it was so hard to fix mistakes (and I hated it when someone decided that they wanted to change the words in a letter and I had to retype the whole thing!)
    Hugs xx

  8. Such a wonderful post from you, Jocondine. I loved every little detail in it. And I enjoyed reading your stories from the year 1983. Nearly unimaginable the times when there were not computers, no internet, not nothing in this field ...

  9. I have printed out this game with the rules - I can't wait to play it. One thing I will never, ever miss and that is carbon paper. Thanks for the memories!

  10. Hopping by on the blog hop. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi, Jocondine, still visiting from Jo's Birthday blog hop!

    What an amazing idea, I just love your game .... you are so clever!

    Carbon paper ..... oh don't remind me .... terrible times! Yes, I hated it when someone wanted their letter retyped, it was so annoying!
    Great to learn more about you and Jo!

    Barbara xx

  12. I am slowly hopping through the birthday blog posts. I enjoyed reading your very creative and most interesting post. This is such a nice thing to be involved in.

  13. Great post Nadine, love the game, such a clever idea and a lot of work for you. I remember well my office days with British Airways, the carbon paper and tippex and trying to save your nails.