mercredi 19 octobre 2016

GG WIPO 10/16

Have you ever seen a stitching eclipse?

I missed September one spending some holidays in Dieppe, but you'll see this in the last three months of this year.

Mrs Moon doesn't obviously know that she must not be full around the 15th as it's time for Jo's GG post!

Greenwich and Paris astronomers are studying on this particular phenomenon which clearly disrupts my own spatio-stitching-temporal balance.

So back on work...    Christmas tree  "Avvolgente Natale" - Serenita di campagna -

(chart I bought in January
as a gift to me)

We left candles stitched
for Olympic Games

I have now made good progress
on decoration

Je progresse sur les décorations
de l'arbre, il me reste les flammes
des bougies, l'étoile, et un peu de
DMC D140 brun/or sur le tronc.

Some more white stitches, still have to light candles and stitch the top star
and use a very special  DMC   D140  gold brown on the trunk.

I also "offered" me a lovely book
"Marché de Noël" from Brin d'un jour,
here I was :

 bear from Olympic games
get half a roof

mon joli fil bleu 3842
tokyoïte pour le toit du
stand tenu par Teddy

the seller is coming on trees stand

some white added on first rabbit

the fourth I begun
is the cat with gingerbread (second row in the middle)

I know it looks like it's most often gifts I made to myself
but I recently was a charming winner on Jo's blog so...

 Another "Olympic" stitching
was the 8 colors swimming race

it's a chart from "las Labores
de Ana"  (very helpful gift from Sheryl)

Very pleasant chart to stitch, with a kind of stained glass effect.
Très agréable modèle à broder avec un joli effet vitrail dans le dessin.

Now, back to September surprises,
Retour sur les surprises de septembre

J'aimerais beaucoup broder un jour un modèle avec des écritures.

Too lazy to do all the chart, I just prepared an approximate pattern for the writing, and  I  begun my stitching after estimating the place for words on the fabric, Joyeux was ok but on letter v of Anniversaire I realized that I was stitching "out" of the line and soon "out" of the fabric! I tried to unstitch but the fabric was too marked, so I decided to cut another piece and start again.

This Joyeux will have a new life cut for a Christmas Ornament waiting for "Noël"

Then I begun the verso but wasn't too concentrated..
after two spelling mistakes I realized there was an uneven count of lines from the xx of the "e" I was one thread too far,

frogging and frogging again, I finished laughing with so much errors done

Un manque de concentration certain

a fait que j'ai accumulé les erreurs 
et dû reprendre plusieurs fois l'ouvrage,
J'aurais dû signer Pénélope et non pas Jocondine.

I'm far from a very special stitching you can see on DMC blog  "En quête de fil"
A fable of Jean de la Fontaine,    from Gerard B.  (2 months work)   1,22 m sur 0,96 m

straight stitch for the lines and crosstitch for the writing.

Il me reste de la marge, voici un ouvrage réalisé par un brodeur en deux mois, point lancé pour le quadrillage Seyès et point de croix pour les vers de Jean de la Fontaine.

Morale de l'histoire : Rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point  (compté bien sûr !)

5 commentaires:

  1. You have been very busy and the results are great progress on a number of pieces. Your work is really lovely. Thank you for the story of the trials and tribulations on Jo's band. The result is so special and personal for her.

  2. Thanks for taking part in GG this month and demonstrating how you made my beautiful birthday present. I'm sorry to cause you so much trouble! I see I almost had a new nickname as well as my dear friend Penelope!
    I haven't forgotten your prize, I am just very behind in mailing things! I started writing a letter last week and have managed one sentence. Oh dear!
    Love the Christmas Tree design.

  3. Fantastic stitching progress! Love your Christmas Tree :o) It will look amazing when it's finished!
    Love the story behind the stitching you finished for Jo... it turned out very nice in the end though :o)
    Hugs xx

  4. Love your Christmas tree progress pictures, and those of the stitching olympics!

    What a w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l design for Jo's birthday - You are a sweetie! (The frog is such a pest! Thank goodness you can use the aborted piece for another project!)

    Super work on the beautiful pattern from Sheryl too!

    Barbara xx