dimanche 5 novembre 2017


Hi, here is the new Zodiac Sal from Jo, succeeding to the Alphabet Club, on the first Saturday of each month.

We have many ways to post, maybe about Zodiac design, something related to Air for example, or  to family members native of the sign.

.23 octobre - 21 novembre  -   Scorpion
(kisses to my uncle, my godson and my SiL)

Internet pic

Music will help me to post this month,

Blowing with the wind of change....   by Scorpions

I still work on the "words book" for my grandson
and after "plane"

I thought that those scorpions could lead us
to wind,  windmill and propeller

Librement inspiré d'un collage papier/fil de fer kraft
d'Isabelle Guiot Hullot, auteur de divers ouvrages
"Poésie de papier", ce pilote d'aéronef

je les ai réalisé avec des cartes récupérées et de la

Now I'll to build them and make things turn right
with paper fasteners, we call Parisian clips.
cause the first idea was to make a kind of pop up/funny illustrations pages for words.

L'idée, au départ, était de concevoir des pages
"mot" avec des illustrations, bricolages, animés et ludiques.

Now, I hope you'll love my "skatehorn"...

Les scorpions sont le nom de l'équipe de hockey de Mulhouse,
  Scorpions is the name of the hockey team from Mulhouse,

from hockey to skating,   just a slide

The silver thread for the writing wasn't good, so I try some green letters (on DH advices) and green + a silvery strand (on Jo's advices), here we are...

first : silver......                                          silver -  green  -  green + silver
quelques essais comparatifs

I have seen this stitching dozens of times, you know what, never saw the mistake :

N  ö  el ????

maintenant le tréma a retrouvé sa bonne place,

Christmas is...   skating on ice with you.

Double axel,   writing is done, back to snowflakes, hair, backstitch, scarfs...

internet pics

3 commentaires:

  1. I often find a mistake better when I take a photograph and see it on the screen. Lovely Christmas stitching.

  2. Great Zodiac post! I love the Scorpions, and here's our link to France. I went to Paris to see two concerts, The Scorpions and Alice Cooper. We had lots of free time in Paris and while wandering the back streets we saw Klaus Meine! Just him and his girlfriend. We had to speak to him and ask for photos and an autograph and when we explained we had come all the way from England to see him he was happy to oblige.
    He is very short!

  3. A lovely post, I love the Christmas stitching and am so glad you spotted the little mistake before it was finished!