samedi 16 juin 2018


It's Jo who organizes the Gifted Gorgeousness on the 15th of each month :
here is the link to her blog, you'll see there a lot of pretty works stitched as gifts or made with fabric, threads, charts received as gifts.

Some progress on "Family"   the text is finished, now I have to stitch the shape of the cats

J'ai terminé la partie texte de la broderie, maintenant il me faut broder le contour des petits chats.

Une famille formidable ! d'Isabelle Haccourt Vautier

De beaux progrès sur Halloween, partie prenante de ce GG puisque le fil mauve m'a été offert par ma fille (n° 3) rapporté de son voyage à Tokyo !

Here is my update on Halloween in the rain, this ghost played tricks on me many times (and I realize now I have forgot the place for his eyes). Part of GG post because the violet thread was a gift from DD3 (bought for me in Tokyo).

And now a BIG NEWS

I received my very first art mail

Ma toute première enveloppe brodée, une surprise envoyée par Debbie

A wonderful gift from the very clever Debbie!
What an amazing surprise!

Sea side is the perfect link to the other great news : I'm on holiday for a week, no more purchase orders and invoices to register, we are planning a little trip to Bretagne, sea side, fresh air, walks, buckwheat flour crêpes and cider.

Kenavo ar wech all !

A vous revoir la semaine prochaine avec des nouvelles de Bretagne !

8 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Love the little ghostie, maybe you could use french knots or just backstitch the eyes in place?
    Gorgeous mailart too, I did an exchange once. It was fun making the envelope but quite difficult!

  2. Even though you still have to stitch the cats, I rather like the way they look now! It's like a minimalistic approach haha. Love the way the ghost worked up too even if it was a trickster. :)

  3. Fabulous mail art, a lovely gift.

  4. Beautiful stitching. Love the mailart piece.

  5. What a lovely art mail!AriadnefromGreece!

  6. Love the cats piece and the pretty mailart. The Halloween in the Rain looks great with the ghostie - have ghosts got eyes? never seen one :-))

  7. J'aime bien l'enveloppe que tu as reçue. Et le projet Halloween a vu beaucoup d'attention. Superbe progrès.

  8. ... et j'espère que tu passes une bonne semaine en Bretagne.