mercredi 16 septembre 2015


Le 15 du mois, Jo de "Serendipitous Stitching" organise le  Gift Gorgeousness SAL
pour plus de détails voici le lien vers son blog :

It's time to update

Before beginning my GG post, a little riddle, what is the use of this....

dear handyman is restorating a important piece in the garden....                                        .../...

Not a lot of progress on my WIP, but new stitchings dues to the holidays,

so I begun a chart found
in a spanish "punto de cruz"
offered by Sheryl, thanks to her

j'ai choisi d'emporter une grille extraite du magazine offert
par Sheryl

little fairies, here it is :

an another one, "owls", just at the beginning

pour ma passionnée de manga dont c'est l'anniversaire ces jours-ci
as it is DD3's birthday this month, I stitched and sent her a small "Hamtaro"

a free chart you can find here :

Un jour, une grille de point de croix gratuite, ce site vous offre des grilles de point de croix variées et gratuites.

I found in Sarlat a lovely store : Aux bonheurs de Sophie
here are my purchases-gifts to me :

Sarlat m'a "offert" le bonheur de découvrir ce très joli
magasin, bien achalandé

très accueillante boutique, de nouvelles couleurs de toiles...


after a 20 years use, the wood crossbar needed some reparations
après vingt ans de bons et loyaux services le portique avait besoin d'un petit lifting

some new accessories and a special grandson climbing wall
nouveau toboggan, nouvelles planches et un mur d'escalade pour notre petit-fils

voici des cadeaux immédiatement inaugurés...
immediate inauguration.

7 commentaires:

  1. Wow! Your grandson has quite the set up out there! Good for him!

  2. Your stitching is lovely! The fairy is very nice. Can't wait to see more of your owls, and the little Hamtero you stitched is just too sweet! I think, in answer to your riddle, are they the steps on your son's climbing wall? He sure is cute!

  3. I love the fairy - I am keen to watch her grow. Your grandson is lucky - I never wpuld have guessed what those climbing stones were!

  4. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I though the stones were a sculpture or maybe a wind chime? I would not have guessed the climbing wall. It's a great plaything for a child though.
    Love the red fairy design this month.

  5. Oh, elle est tellement douce, ta petite fée. Et j'aime aussi les autres projects que tu as commencés.
    Cette boutique à Sarlat offre des très belles toiles, j'aime bien celle avec l'abécédaire.

  6. Well I never.... like Jo I thought that the shells must have been some decoration on pond or something like that... would never have guessed a climbing wall!
    Your red fairy is gorgeous :o)
    Hugs xx

  7. Hello Nadine, what a lovely store you found and the fabrics bought are so pretty. Lovely little fairy.