dimanche 17 septembre 2017


Hi, it's time for the gifted gorgeousness,

On Serendipitous Stitching blog, you'll find many clever stitchers who linked their posts here :


September month began with big changes, DD3 moved to a new place to continue her studies.
So, a relocation + 800 km from home, any guess...    we have been busy.

Only a few progress on :

My "vocabulary" book for my grandson with pages on the theme : picture gallery

about the words : museum, frame, painting, pallet, tube of paint, paintbrush, color...

Some knitting, easy to do during the travel...

For my grand daughter, I'd like to knit a woolen hat.

it's only of a rectangle folded in two, points forming ears,  (garter stitch)
not sure of the result, must try...

C'est une laine Bergère de France, coloris Séquoia, tricoté au point mousse, pour un projet de bonnet avec deux petites oreilles.

That's the post to update the "Zazobouzi" fox puzzle, here we are :

The next and penultimate step will be to add the small pieces of velcro then the last work will be to make a bag for storage.

Avant-dernière étape la pose des petites pièces de Velcro sur la base du puzzle puis la confection d'un sac de rangement.

I'm near to "a happy dance" with the Village Quaker, so I keep it for a "special" post.
See you soon

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  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. The book for your grandson is looking lovely as is the fox puzzle.
    800km is a very long distance to be apart. I hope she phones and emails regularly.

  2. Nice GG post this month, lots of lovely things

  3. Lovely GG post :o) I love that fox - so cute!! The vocabulary book is a wonderful idea - your grandson will love it
    Hugs x