dimanche 13 mars 2016


En vacances...
     In holidays...

Une petite semaine de pause pleine d'ambition
    A break week full of ambition

As I read a lot of "goals posts" on blogs in the past few weeks, let's play!

Petite précaution initiale, déconnecter le bouton "idée nouvelle", aucun ouvrage non déjà pré-déclaré ne sera autorisé sur la table de travail !
First of all, disconnect the button "new idea"  nothing pre- declared will be allowed on the work table

- cross stich :  work on Christmas market, keys, lace, goose game, Italian mystery, napkin rings,
- embroidery : start  QNSM kit (already wip as I have prepared the threads)
- sewing :  work on polar blanket "tree"
- drawing :  continue drafts for the next travel game
- water color :  enjoy some hours with brushes and colors
- stamps : version "my stamp" for world mail (may be a picture with threads)
- visit and comment blogs,
- Easter : prepare decorations,  make table place card for the lunch and try new recipes
- collect boughs, moss  in the garden for bouquets
- work on DD2 birthday surprises

shopping, cleaning, washing, ironing, tidying up, paying bills, gardening...  sleeping!

I'm already proud to show you
my progress on "Little Alchemy"
an addictive game DD2 showed me

I finally "create" :
thread, needle and fabric...

I play in French on my phone
and in English on laptop

Après une cinquantaine d'éléments
(et un peu d'aide pour débloquer
ma situation),

je viens enfin de mettre au point
le fil, l'aiguille et le tissu

Je joue en français sur le téléphone
et en anglais sur le PC.

I'm going to take vitamins now,

See you on March 20th for results...

2 commentaires:

  1. That's a good list for the holiday coming up. It will be interesting to see how many you achieve.
    I have plenty of time off work so there will be lots of stitching and hopefully some scrapbooking and finishing too.

  2. Eh bien, j'espère que tu as pu réaliser quelques-uns de ces plans superbes ...