vendredi 24 juin 2016


Our holidays week is over, a last day in Touraine for a beautiful place famous for its gardens :

le château de Villandry


dining room, kitchen,
bedrooms, library

every room in pretty pastel colors

with mahogany furniture
silk, velvet, precious wood,

all pink : salmon, dragée, tea rose
light, dark, bright,

les majestueux jardins
le potager - vegetable garden

le jardin d'ornement - ornemental garden
gros plan sur "l'amour tendre"

you'll find here more details

Tomorrow back to our home, we had a wonderful week,
So many beautiful paintings, tapestries, architecture, furniture, flowers, gardens so inspiring.
So many pics, no doubt I will use them in my future posts.
I was glad to share it with you, thank you for your comments.

Tant de belles peintures, tapisseries, architecture, mobilier, bouquet de fleurs et jardins, j'ai fait beaucoup de photos, nul doute qu'elles viendront illustrer de futurs articles.

5 commentaires:

  1. Oh wow, wow, wow! I have NEVER seen a garden like THAT!!!! I am swooning over those hearts! L♥VE!!!

  2. Another beauty! Thank you for so many pictures of this lovely place, especially the gardens.

  3. What a beautiful place, especially those gardens! Wouldn't they make a wonderful cross stitch design?

  4. What a very wonderful place, gorgeous photos and such an unbelievable garden

  5. Wow! Stunning.... what an amazing place to visit :o)
    Hugs xx