samedi 10 décembre 2016


Bonjour et bienvenue !

     Hello and Welcome!

I heard a knock at the door, here you are, come in and stay for a while...

Part of the Advent Calendar Blog Hop organized by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching

This past year, I stitched a lot on Christmas projects, Christmas trees ornaments, Christmas market with Brin d'un jour charts, but my main project was

Christmas tree "Avvolgente Natale" - Serenita di campagna

I just need to add the gold thread on the candles.

bought in January in a DIY fair, it was really great to stitch this chart.
J'ai pris beaucoup de plaisir à réaliser cet ouvrage dont le dessin est très original.

Jo asked us to add some stories about our Christmas favourite decorations

I have a lot...

I already told you about the decorations
I treasure
It's my oldest christmas ornaments, 72 years old

December 1944 my mum lived in Reims,
was working as a typist for US Head Quarter Army
and received those glass balls
from Army friends far from their home
who found with my grandparents a family
to spend Christmas

I love glass ornaments and visiting Austria and Germany we never miss an opportunity to visit glass-blower and crystal glass-making

DH likes to prepare a small Christmas/winter scene
near the fireplace as we bought
in BlackForest a lovely porcelan house
in Titisee shop

"Die romantische straße"
Porzellan licht hauser  Brauerei

This year I added the cable car bought in Reutte for the kids (found in the attic with the kids puzzles!)
and a new building came in the landscape

J'ai finalement retrouvé le téléphérique donc il a trouvé sa place dans notre paysage de Noël et notre nouvelle acquisition est une église qui s'illumine de leds scintillants multicolores.

It's a lovely church, led lights (sparking effect)

I love stitched ornaments too, bought some in a Xmas market
with wreath and goose on the left side of the photo and
stitched some "twins" with edelweiss on red aida.

I love those gooses too and how they bring "life"
on the Xmas tree.

Since we added furnitures in the dining room
the only free space for the tree is one meter
close to the fire place, so I stopped "cooking"
my Christmas trees and change for an artificial
one, it is made of 40/45 pieces we have to
"built", my grandson (5 years old) was very
interested and helpful last Sunday,
concluding with :

ours is an "already done" one!

Yes dearling because it is a real tree!

Visiting Bayeux last month,
I saw in the Tapestry museum shop
some stuning ornaments, like

William the Conqueror,
boats and birds inspired
by the Tapestry
and a unicorn!

Faites un tour chez
Christmas Company
vous y découvrirez
un monde surprenant.

I discovered a new world visiting the Christmas Company site, an amazing place with a lot of different themes, many characters, where you can meet even Benjamin Franklin, Claude Monet or Leonardo da Vinci! Nessie, Hamlet or Alice's White Rabbit!

To close this chapter, a small white Christmas tree
had a new life since several years
as a "steampunk Christmas tree" in the entrance hall.

Today, there is another friend to visit
it's Julie

Je partage cette journée du calendrier avec Julie
elle attend votre visite.

Have a lovely Saturday,
travelling around the blog world!

Je vous souhaite un très joyeux samedi
promenez-vous tout autour du monde visitant nos amies blogueuses et surtout brodez !

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  1. Thank you for taking part in the Advent Calendar Blog Hop this year. I love your swirly tree and all the beautiful ornaments, especially the lit-up houses. I really want a model village like you and Gracie have!
    I love the Alice in Wonderland ornies on that website, but ouch at the prices. I am sure we could make them ourselves! Or you could, at least, I am not so sure about my sewing skills.

  2. What a fascinating Christmas tree you have stitched. Your Christmas village is gorgeous. I have never seen one with a cable car or a beautiful church like that!! What a creative steampunk tree! :D

  3. The Christmas tree you stitched is wonderful - swirly and beautiful. I love how it's so different and it makes me think of Tree of Life.

    Your glass ornaments and your village are lovely!

  4. Beautiful stitching on the very cool tree design and lovely tree and ornaments, plus Xmas scene.

  5. I love your glass ornament! I have some special ones similar to that which were my Mom's and must be at least 60 years old.

  6. I love your stitched tree, I've never seen anything like it!
    Your village and collection of ornaments are so nice, how wonderful to have such a variety.

  7. Your tree is beautiful I have never seen one quite like it. I loved seeing all your other things and hearing about how you got them. This was a fascinating blog post. Thank you !

  8. A terrific group of Christmas decorations. I love your stitched tree, very swirly and organic.

  9. What a lovely post, unusual stitched tree design, pretty glass and stitched ornaments and a daring lit church.

  10. A lovely post filled with such lovely things for the blog hop.
    The treats from the Bayeaux museum are fabulous.
    Such pretty things you chose to decorate your home with at the Christmas season.

  11. You have so lovely ornaments. The tree is very impressive!AriadnefromGreece!

  12. Your stitched tree is wow. I love it. It is a unique piece. Great story behind your favorite ornament. Thank you for sharing so many of your Christmas traditions with us.

  13. Très joli de voir la petite scène d'hiver que ton mari a établie.
    Près de chez nous il y a plusieurs ateliers où les verriers produisent toute sorte de choses, particulièrement les produits pour le sapin de Noel.

  14. What a beautiful post. I love your stitched tree, a really unusual and stylish design. You have some gorgeous ornaments too with special meaning.
    I too love the Alice in Wonderland ornaments - perhaps I could buy one every year until I have a full set?!
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

  15. Such lovely Christmas stories - thank you for sharing them. Your glass ornaments are so very special - they deserve to be treasured. Happy Christmas!

  16. A great post! Such an unusual tree. Love the Christmas village, and the pretty church, but I especially love that the village has its own cable car!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  17. Lovely ornaments! I especially like the red glass tear drop, and I covet the Bayeux ones. Merry Christmas!

  18. Wonderful Advent calendar post, my dear. So many pretty Christmassy things to look at. Merry Christmas. xxxx