samedi 3 décembre 2016


1er samedi de décembre...

retrouvons notre rendez-vous avec "the grey tail"


As on preview posts, I have imagined a scenario for those mensual posts
as the creators of this new event offer us a quite total liberty to how develop them.

My own way will go into worlds of stitching, words, drawings, designs, garden, cooking, music and travels

Evocation of  a word begining with the letter linked to DIY activities
and personal researches on what you could find in my garden, in my kitchen, on my record player (the vinyl one), in my travel souvenirs

Déclinons cet alphabet

Q  comme  quilting

Two other projects in my basket,
a kit from H & E  tissus
to sew a hen

le kit "poule"
de chez  "H & E  Tissus"

et une couverture de Noël,  sur un tissu aux motifs d'edelweiss

Q   comme quilling

mes essais en quilling sont très modestes, rien de particulier à vous montrer
my tests in quilling are very modest, nothing to show you yet

(internet pic)

This letter is a familiar one for me as it's my initial name
not very common, a source of error in official documents as when you spell it people confuse it with a K, best of memory is on my first day for high school exam, on the blackboard was writen :
A to P - building 1  / R to Z - building 2,  I had to run to the office of entry, lovely stress offered by National Education!

I already told you about an apricot stitched on my napkin, I didn't recognize as a Q.

Je n'ai pas connu mon grand père paternel,

Il était peintre en lettres,
le voici devant sa boutique
dans les Ardennes
dans les années 30.

I didn't know my paternal grandfather
he leaved in Ardennes
and was a "letters painter"

Here he is, in front of his shop in the 1930s.

Q comme Mr Q

Head of Q division - research and development...

Here is my Q division

  dans la cuisine, in the kitchen

Q comme   quiche...

la plus fameuse est la Quiche Lorraine, mais de nombreuses variantes m'amènent à vous confectionner cette fois une quiche poireaux - saumon

un fond de pâte, une fondue de poireaux, du fromage (du morbier par exemple), saumon frais et fumé, oeuf/lait.

the famous one is the Lorraine Quiche, but there is a lot of recipes, this time I prepared for you a quiche leeks - salmons,

puff pastry or broken paste, leeks, cheese, salmon fresh and smoked, eggs/milk.

  dans le jardin,  in the garden

pas de "Queue de renard" dans mon jardin
mais j'en ai vu dans le Quartier...

no flower fox tail in my garden
but there is some in the neighborhood

sur my platine vinyl

pas de 33 tours de Queen sur mes étagères
mais qui sait les galettes de cire sont de retour
dans les bacs...

to be honest I haved not a vinyl of Queen
but as vinyl records are back in the shops...
who knows?

In my travel memories

Quarryville      (Lancaster usa pa)

Visiting mother's friend in Pensylvania,
we went to Amish country,

a great place for quilting too!

Another funny story before leaving you, my uncle was a radio operator and explained me that he had to change our name, he used to begin the radio call with his code name QNX but in the radio language that means something like the conversation is over, not a good thing to introduce yourself, so he became KNO (phonetically).

Next year, yes next year, we'll Reach the R,  alReady...

2 commentaires:

  1. Quite wonderful post! It's a shame you never met your Grandfather, you must have inherited some of his artistic talents. How awful to be missed of the alphabet for your exam!
    The Quilting and Quilling look lovely, I shall look forward to seeing you do more quilling in particular.

  2. Très intéressant de voir tout ce que tu as trouvé pour la lettre Q - ton nom inclus :)
    Ohhh, une quiche Lorraine, justement le nom me met l'eau à la bouche. Et Mr Q apparaît aussi dans ce post. Parfait.