samedi 4 février 2017


1er samedi de février...

retrouvons notre nouveau rendez-vous avec "the grey tail"


As on preview posts, I have imagined a scenario for those mensual posts
as the creators of this new event offer us a quite total liberty to how develop them.

My own way will go into worlds of stitching, words, drawings, designs, garden, cooking, music and travels.

Evocation of  a word begining with the letter linked to DIY activities
and personal researches on what you could find in my garden, in my kitchen, on my record player (the vinyl one), in my travel souvenirs.

S  comme Suisse  (broderie suisse)

Tout est prêt pour un premier essai de broderie
suisse, le magazine et le tissu à carreaux
récemment acquis au récent Salon C&SF.

Everything is ready for my first attempt
in Swiss needlework,
the magazine and the fabric I recently
bought in a DIY fair.

S comme Soie / Silk
Peinture sur soie, très ancien mais très agréable souvenir d'un stage d'une semaine
dans les années 80,

Silk painting, a very old but great training course a week long in the 80e's.

for my goddaughter bedroom

S comme Scrapbooking  (créacollage !)

D'albums photo en cartes de voeux, de carnets de voyage en découpages, découper, assembler, coller,
dernière découverte : l'iris folding, future expérimentation : un cahier "Alphabet" pour l'apprentissage des mots pour mon petit-fils.

From photos album to wishes card, from journey diary to diverse cuttings, cut, assembling, stick,
last discovery : iris folding, next experiment : a notebook "alphabet" for my grandson - learning to read words by the game.

S comme sorcières  (witch)

During holidays in Austria,
my mum bought a small witch "doll",
they were very popular
in tourists shops in Voralberg.

Back to home she decided she should be able to do her own ones, and some weeks later, here she was,

she made some for family members
and maybe in the future I'll try to follow her

some details from the clothes

Les sorcières, adaptées d'une version
autrichienne rapportée de vacances
dans le Voralberg, fabriquées maison
par maman,

S comme sac  (bag)

When I was young I used to sew some of my clothes and love to do some bags matched with the same fabric,

Quelques sacs assortis à des jupes et robes.

This one was my first bag for my camera, looking like a Kodak roll of film.
Mon premier sac photo pour mon Minolta semi-automatique de 1978.

S comme   eszett

S comme langue des signes  (Sign language)

in the kitchen, dans la cuisine,

S comme  soufflé au fromage  (cheese soufflé)

my favourite menu

 in the garden, dans le jardin,

sumac, saule, seringa, sauge

sur ma platine vinyl,

et bien sûr

in my travel souvenirs,     Stonehenge

Un bon T vous sera servi le samedi 4 mars,
     You might enjoy a cup of T on Saturday, March 4th,

attendant SOS  Save Our Stitchings,   ..._ _ _ ...

5 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful S post, my dear - I particularly like your collection of records.

  2. Scrapbooking! How could I have forgotten to include that in my post?
    Love the little witch dolls.

  3. Lovely little witch dolls and ummm what a cheese souffle.

  4. Une jolie collection de mots commençant par la lettre S. J'aime bien la petite sorcière, et tes sacs sont vraiment extraordinaires.