vendredi 17 février 2017


This week has been an apocalyptic one, no details on blog but believe me when I sum up what happened I can't believe it myself!

But in any case this blog will be for a few minutes a space of freedom and happiness...

A real joy to join the SAL Jo organized on the 15th every month,

I haven't be wise, can't wait to begin all the gifts to myself of January.

First : Village Quaker from Jardin Privé, it's my first quaker and it's a real pleasure to stitch, I brought it during my holiday week, today the center pattern is done,
Derniers progrès sur Jardin Privé


Second : Cuore et Batticuore  pattini d'argenti

for my skating theme
I'm stitching the iced ground
Je brode le sol glacé sur patins d'argent

about skating, I found the charms
I needed for the final touch of skating Kitty
at the end of last month
and added them

so it's a huge GG work!

Très grosse participation au GG
l'ajout d'une paire de patins à glace
superbes breloques acquises au
salon C&SF fin janvier.

Third ; Those six  characters also from Cuore e Batticuore

offered me the perfect chart for Jo's Secret Stitching Sweetheart, I have to hurry to finish this lovely girl
received  by  Stitch Niche

Love the sparking fabric I used for the first time;

Cette petite demoiselle a apporté tout son coeur
à l'occasion de la St Valentin à Stitch Niche

I took back my Tableautin d'hiver from Tralala and worked on the deer, some mushrooms and discovered that I missed an heart in the ground, so I have now to unstitch the white color.

Retour sur Tableautin d'hiver, j'ai terminé de broder la biche, bien avancé les champignons, mais je me suis rendue compte que j'ai oublié un coeur dans le sol donc il me faudra démonter toute une partie.

Quelques points sur ma serviette brodée qui attendait depuis novembre, photos à venir.
Some stitches on the towel I begun for the Tenuous shoehorn, more pics to come.

Of course, I enjoy getting presents too...
                                          how lovely stitching I received from Debbie.

8 commentaires:

  1. Lovely stitching, you sound very busy x x

  2. Beautiful stitching, you have the most gorgeous charts from some of my favourite designers! Hope you have a better week coming up.

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your Quaker is looking wonderful and I love the little Valentine Girl you stitched for my Blog Hop.
    Sorry to hear that you are having problems in your life, I hope your children and grandchildren are all OK.

  4. Lovely work on the Quaker stitch - very pretty. The Ice Skating cat is super cute too.

  5. So many lovely things!! I love Jardin Privé...I have one all ready to start. I hope that this week is a better one for you!

  6. Ohhhhh, tant de GG broderie. Ca fait un tellement joli post.

  7. Lots of lovely things you are working on.

  8. Lots of pretty stitching, my favourite has to be the Quaker design and the Tralala piece, lovely. Hope everyone at home will soon be better.