mercredi 22 février 2017


Here we are, remember we are travelling from Paris (1) on the map, not too far and there is always the number of the department given in the first drawing.
More clues at the end of the week, it's only in 2 days.

Back to stitching, I have been working on the stitched towel I begun for Jo's Tenuous Shoe-Horn, the goal was to coordonate the stitching with the small pictures in the bathroom.

I added the two wooden fences and I know I wanted to place some boats and now I have some troubles with perspective which was not so clear on the paper.

See you soon, maybe on Friday evening...

7 commentaires:

  1. Great stitching - interesting first clue, I have an idea but it might be wrong so we'll see what the next clue reveals :)

  2. Réponses
    1. It is not Victor Hugo, but you give us a huge help, he was a friend and a

  3. Oh I have a guess! I love your little beach scenes. So very pretty.

  4. I have Dept 78 (nice and easy) which is Yvelines. According to Wiki there are a few authors but the two I have heard of are Alexandre Dumas and Emile Zola. I am going to guess Château de Monte-Cristo in Port-Marly because of my son's name!

  5. Pretty towel stitching.... interesting clue

  6. Love your pictures for the travels. Beautiful stitching. I have an idea but will wait for the next clue.