vendredi 30 juin 2017


Comme un clin d'oeil à l'actualité du blog, aujourd'hui j'ai croisé dans les rues de Brive une passante avec un parapluie à l'effigie de Mona Lisa...

It was a sign, today on the streets of Brive there was a woman with an umbrella with Mona Lisa...

 We are in holidays in Payrac - department 47  Lot,
   and I have, as you said so well, an happy dance,   it's more like Gene Kelly in "Singing in the rain"

as it's raining a lot ; to stitch, I have to sit near the window because the sky is grey turning black !

But my Mona Lisa is finished, it's a free chart from Mr X Stitch
I found the idea on Jo's blog, it's stitched on Aïda 7, with DMC colors

the photo isn't so good but the work is ok.

C'est le moment parfait pour vous reparler des Carrières de Lumière aux Baux de Provence, découvertes lors de notre dernier séjour dans le Luberon.

It's the perfect moment to post about the show "Carrières de Lumière"  Lights Carreers in Baux de Provence  we saw during our last holidays in Luberon.

They used the space of the empty quarries to project and show paintings,
it's hard from me to translate but please visit the website (link below).

This is a video from You Tube about the show in 2015  "Michel-Ange, Léonard de Vinci, Raphaël"

This year, the painters are Bosch, Bruegel, Arcimboldo

all is explained here :

it's an amazing place, I really enjoyed a lot the show. It's a huge space, you can walk during the show to see the different paintings for different places, musics are great and the colors so real they have "animated" some scenes (butterfies flying, snow is falling or water moving, in Bruegel : there is a farandole of dancers, believe me you just want to join them).

That's all for today, see you soon.

A bientôt, pour des nouvelles aventures lotoises.

3 commentaires:

  1. Mona Lisa looks lovely, so very enigmatic.
    The lights look amazing too, I shall come back and watch when I have more time!

  2. The light show looks amazing! I love your mini artwork. Maybe you could start a cross stitch gallery?!

  3. I love the mini Mona Lisa, perfect. Hope you are enjoying your holidays.