dimanche 29 mars 2015


Cette Manche est gagnée !

Well done,  Bravo

Some clues....
the distance from Bayeux to the sea is 7 km
(as shown on the clock  7)
14  the car number is also the number of
french department "CALVADOS"

Queen Mathilde was the queen who stitched the Tapissery

2 / Bajocasses is the name of the resident of Bayeux
(as I discovered the french word :  gentilé  for inhabitant of
a particular place : gentilic  (GB)

D'aucuns semblent préférer un petit remontant, un ptit calva ? peut-être bien que oui !
May be you will prefer a brandy ?

CALVADOS  (department)

Je vous encourage à aller visiter le site ;  take a look




La tapisserie de Bayeux en quelques chiffres, Bayeux Tapestry in a few numbers

1066 / 1082 (period) : 70 m de long (230 ft) - 50 cm de large (20 in) - 8 teintes / 73 séquences
202 chevaux et mules (horses and mules), 505 animaux, 37 édifices (buildings)
49 arbres (trees) 1515 personnages (characters)

La comète de Hayley vue en 1066 figure sur la tapisserie,
Hayley comet seen in 1066 is represented on the tapissery.

for fun : quel lien entre cette fameuse tapisserie et la guerre des étoiles
a link between this famous tapissery and star wars

Aled Lewis, un designer londonien, a voulu raconter l’histoire de Star Wars sur une tapisserie brodée, comme de celle de Bayeux qui décrit, sur 68 mètres de tissu, les faits relatifs à la conquête normande de l’Angleterre en 1066. Le designer n’a pas été jusque-là puisqu’il a brodé sur 9 mètres de long. Exposé à la Galery 1988 de Los Angeles.

Alec Lewis a london designer wanted to tell the story of Star Wars on a tapissery. Only 9 meter long it has been shown in Galery 1988 in Los Angeles,  but in cross stitch!

Panorama Tapisserie Star Wars
Extrait Tapisserie Star Wars
Production Tapisserie Star WarsTapisserie-Star-Wars-blanche

Harold is one of the prince and I finished the stitch last year in february

This is a particular techique of stitching I would love to stitch again soon.

So how was this second step?

It was dedicate to
Jo from Serendipitous Stitching


Be ready, in a few days, we'll pack and leave Normandy,
a new train to......     somewhere we could join.......      sailing towards the ocean

/marine illustrations by DD3 ;)/

3 commentaires:

  1. Yay, I got it right again! Your clues really are very clever. I spotted the Department number this time which helped me find the town.
    Thank you for the dedication to my blog hops too.
    Looking forward to the next puzzle.
    And I just love the Star Wars epic. Maybe I should stitch a Lord of the Rings version...

  2. Oooh yes I am loving trying to solve your brilliant clues too! It is so much fun.... I try and try and hope to come up with the right answer!! I think, think!! I got the last one right? Think so? Yes ....maybe!!
    It's a magnificent thing the tapestry...and wow! Love the Star Wars one!
    But to see the original tapestry would be a sight indeed, I wish when I lived in France I had took time to visit it....ho hum!!
    Your Harold stitching is glorious, very beautiful indeed.
    Waiting for the next clues...
    Smiles :)

  3. I got it right too! I loved your clues for this one!
    I didn't know there was a Star Wars tapestry.
    Love your Harold :)
    Looking forward to the trip to the ocean
    Hugs xx