vendredi 20 mars 2015


We have already five winners, clever girls...

I do love reading all the searchs you've made. It's amazing.

Goods answers are kept safe.
Suggestions made :    Argentan, Bar-le-Duc, Vendôme  :   not good.

James vous offre de nouveaux indices pour découvrir notre destination

Some new clues to discover our destination offered by James :

Bienvenue, notre train se dirige vers l'ouest, vous l'avez compris.
Welcome, you understood that our train is "rolling" to west direction,

Lot of clues, this times to help for the department name.

Here is a map of west of France

Rendez-vous dimanche sur le quai de la gare d'.......

Meet you next sunday on the train platform.

Keep guessing!

3 commentaires:

  1. Oooh my!! I am having so much fun looking for these clues!! Ooooh ok the train I think has a massive clue on the front...61.... So I looked in dept 61 and found is Argentan it is known for lace making. There is a huge museum for Argentan lace.... Looking at some examples it's very delicate and pretty. It's known as a needle lace from the 18th century. The coat of arms is the double headed eagle for the town too!
    Am I close now? Or no I have to look again?
    Smiles :)
    Was the wool a big red herring??
    Smiles :)

  2. As we said in child game, ready to discover, you're burning out. Argentan is very near only 50 km from our destination, has an eagle too but silver not gold/or. So many towns famous for the lace here. Look closer to the train and the box sent to Basingstoke. You're almost at the goal! xxx