mercredi 18 mars 2015


May be you haven't read this letter........IT'S AN INVITATION, PRET A PARTIR

Voici la première étape.....  Here is the first step

As I told you, a first drawing then a second one on friday will give you some clues to discover a town
dedicated to stitching, embroidery, fabric, lace.

The number of the french department will always be hidden somewhere to help you with a map at the end of the post (on wednesday or friday).

Just take a look to the drawing and post a comment or suggest a name.

Notre personnage vous guide avec quelques indices, deux seulement aujourd'hui, pas très généreux...

Today, James is welcoming you at the station with only two clues!

No idea... don't worry in two days 4 more clues.
Pas d'inquiétude si vous n'avez pas d'idée cette fois, dans deux jours 4 indices supplémentaires.

extra   : we start from Paris and we'll travel "counter clockwise" around 200 km.

There will be some surprises gifts along the way
Every 3 or 4 weeks, for faithful participants...
           ready to play

10 commentaires:

  1. I had to use Google to find the town! It took me quite a while because I had to type the French description of the coat of arms into Google. Then I discovered Alencon a town in Normandy famous for its lace in the 18th Century.
    I am very pleased with myself now!

  2. oh I had a lot of fun looking for the first town, admiring your beautiful clues, reading more about a place I didn't know. grazie mille!
    I can unpack my suitcase now that I got there, we won't leave until next week, right? ;)
    I'll write about this game of yours in my blog tomorrow, it's really great!
    bisous, chiara

    1. Our first winner was a certain "J?" around 6pm! Yes of course, you arrived on the right place but I'm expecting you on friday/sunday posts. This first step was an harder one, for others followers more clues in only 2 days, don't miss friday post!
      More than 12 towns visited with differents characters, this week is dedicated to James West and the television serie : les mystères de l'ouest (wild wild west in 1970s)

  3. Here I am, ready for departure!!!!
    Oooh the clue is interesting..... Love the drawings :)
    Interesting coat of arms and the basket of wool with knitting needle with the lady.... Oooh clues!!!
    At a guess I think our next stop will be to Bergere de France, creators of quality yarns....wool. They are situated lorraine dept 55 Meuse, in the city of Bar-le-Duc.... That would be my guess!!
    Looking forward to the next clue :)
    Smiles :)

    1. Oh that basket of wool is giving headache to many followers. This is not the Ariadne's thread. You have a good answer but for next June. ahah don't forget counterclockwise. Keep guessing! ;)

  4. My goodness, your drawings are amazing! And the clues, very good.
    My guess for the next destination is Alencon.
    Looking forward to the next clues.

  5. Ahmmmmm... Been thinking more on this and now looked anti clockwise!! Ha ha
    Ok.... I think it may have connections to wool? In the town of Vendome there is column with a double headed eagle.... It's associated with petticoat junction which is in the wild Wild West. It's 174 km or there abouts from Paris.... The town is Vendome in Dept 41 in the Loire valley.
    I believe the town is well known for producing wool.....and in the history the wool producers makes uniforms for Ammerican, British and French military.
    Hope I was allowed to guess again? This is a lot of fun!!
    Smiles :)

  6. Alençon! about 170kms west of Paris - the home of the "Queen of Lace". :o)
    My thoughts went straight to the "Queen of Lace" when I saw the needles and wool - is this a reference to the French Revolution and the knitting ladies and Marie Antoinette - I think I saw a portrait of her wearing the lace when I was at Versailles... she is wearing a red dress trimmed with lace - I also saw a picture of the portrait when I was checking out my theory!
    I am loving this so far! Can't wait til the next clue to see if I am right....
    Hugs xx

  7. Well I arrived at Alencon to get some lace for that lady's dress.

  8. Vendôme is not the good answer. There is now so much clues in this 1/2, I congratule you on your researches, I'm sure you'll find soon. ;)