dimanche 22 mars 2015


Notre première étape,   our first step

some clues, for our english-speaking followers  James WEST   (west direction)
Alençon armoiries,   the lace,

you can hear it   HORN
but cut the Head   -H   ORN   add an End   ORN + E   = ORNE    (french department n° 61)

the  "good cape" to keep was the  Cape Horn  (shown on the "lace"  1/2)

Basingstoke (GB) is the twin town of ALENCON

quelques explications concernant les indices....
notre guide James West, bien sûr, nous indiquait
la direction de l'ouest

de la gare Montparnasse partent évidemment les trains vers l'ouest
les aventures du wild wide west n'étaient pas encore
à l'époque "www"

l'orne était le département à découvrir,
grâce notamment au cap "Horn"

vous avez reconnu ainsi les armoiries de la ville qui nous accueille
et la dentelle d'ALENCON n'aura plus de secret pour vous


une petite visite au musée

Right answers are now available, so you'll see that five smart ladies have found ALENCON
and a sixth one is really so close to the town that we"ll wait for her on the platform.

Thank you for participating.

Anyway, for every one the next departure is on wednesday...   with  Jane.

à la prochaine...  see you later...

10 commentaires:

  1. Your clues were really very clever, I shall remember the Departments have numbers for future clues.
    I'll wait in the station buffet with the other ladies until our Wednesday departure!

    1. I just realize that I should have give a clue with a shoe...... (shoehorn of course) ;)

  2. oh, now that I know I won't ruin anybody's fun by commenting with my answer I will write it here instead of in an email.
    I'm not surprised to see Jo guessed it first, but I must say, Google.. that's easy winning! :P
    the Alençon dentelle looks fantastic, I can't wait to see where we're going next!
    bisous, chiara

    1. I agree with your philosophical approach... joy is in the research work. ;)

  3. I've just returned from Wales where we had no internet - I'm not really sure what's going on but I'll try to keep up :-)

    1. So lucky, I love Wales, had visited Conway aera 30 years ago. See you soon. xxx

  4. I tried!! Maybe I was looking a bit hard?! Your clues are brilliant.... I was not that far off was I??
    Smiles :)

    1. You were only 50 km away, don't miss new step on wednesday. Hugs

  5. Your clues were brilliant.... I feel pretty smart getting the right answer for the first one... but I suspect I will now run out of steam....
    Can't wait for the next clue :o)
    For now I will sit in the station buffet with everyone and have a cuppa!
    Hugs xx

    1. You're right, I thought it was hard to find, for a first step but this steam train took clever passengers. Hugs