mercredi 25 mars 2015


Notre guide aujourd'hui prend les traits d'une fameuse détective amateur anglaise
vous connaissez mon goût pour les écrits d'Agatha Christie

our guide today looks like a famous english detective
you know that I'm a great fan of Agatha Christie

Elle a plus d'un tour dans son sac...
Is cat out of the bag...

We are leaving Alençon in Orne (61) to join.......

Update on thursday evening :

As you will see in comments : Boulogne, Cherbourg and Deauville are not our destination.

One good answer from southern hemisphere...

New clues tomorrow.

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  1. Belgium was my first thought.... Hercules Poirot the famous Belgium detective... Queen Mathidle is the Belgium Queen.
    But then I saw the 14 on the train... Department 14 is Calvados... Brandy and wine... No but wait isnt Bayeux and its famous tapestry located somewhere in Calvados? So I think that is where we are heading next :)
    Hugs xx

  2. Today ooooh another journey....
    Agather Christie!!
    Looking at this I think it's dept 14, from the 14 on the carriage on the train.
    Dept 14 is Calvados, the town is Deaville which is associated with Agather Christie with Murder On The Links.
    I think the town if Deaville is known for fabrics .... Which are sold all over.
    I think the GG is associated also with Agather Christie, Murder on the Links with Poirot.

    I am struggling with the connection with the time 7.00 on the clock and the love hearts on her bag....I am sure they mean something??

    This is really I interesting and I am enjoying finding out things...ha ha not right I bet!! It's fun though :)

    Smiles :)

    1. Oh Deauville is a very nice town to visit, maybe next september for American Film Festival.... but not now.
      I love your comment, Jane Marple is only a guide, no link to the town. You've got a big clue with 14 = Calvados.
      Tomorrow more clues. Keep guessing! xxx

  3. This one is a bit harder. I'm learning lots about France. My guess is Cherbourg.

    1. You're not so far. Cherbourg is well known for umbrellas (could have been useful today). Tomorrow two big clues. xxx

  4. I'm at boulogne awaiting the queen.

    1. Sorry, Boulogne is not the good answer. Less than 150 km between Alençon and our mysterious destination.
      The 2 clues of friday will help you I'm sure. Good luck.

  5. so at first I noticed the clock is set at 7 o' clock, and you said in the clue that that's the distance, then I know the direction it towards the Manche Channel (not the #50 region), close to the border with Belgium (where Queen Mathilde is), near to the coast.
    I figure the distance is either 700 km (7:00) or 1900 (19:00), but here's where I must be wrong because in order to respect all the other points I cannot make these distances match, not at all.
    then there's the number 14 on the train wagon, the 5 hearts on the bag, and the initials GG on the scarf.. I don't know.. I've been searching through the map to see a sign that gives these clues a sense but, alas, I can't find it and I'm running out of time.
    better luck with the new clues! :D
    bisous, chiara

  6. I'm going to guess Bayeux in Calvados (Dept 14) because of the tapestry also known as "Queen Mathilde's Tapestry". I think the bag she is holding is a carpet bag made of tapestry fabric so that's another clue!

  7. It is another "Queen Mathilde"! the 7 is a distance between our town and ... we'll see.
    Hearts and GG are not clues but dedications to someone for fun. xxx

  8. if the region is Calvados it could be Bayeux, famous for the Tapisserie de Bayeux.. which is actually embroidery rather than tapestry.
    but then again, if this is the case I can't make some of the other clues fit. we'll see tomorrow! :) ciao!

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  10. Another guess....

    Ok....the town is 7 km from the coast and it's called Bayeux and is in dept 14, Calvados. In the town Bayeux is famous as the Bayeux tapestry takes its name from there. The Tapestry was discovered and found in Bayeux .....the tapestry is displayed in the museum in the town centre....the tapestry is 17 Metres long and 19.5 metres wide.
    Hope I am on the right track now???
    Smiles :)