vendredi 31 mars 2017


March was in many ways a mad month, best madness was on the stitching of course

cause it's the topic of  "Theme-A-Stitch"  from Kerry of Ramblings of  Biscornu

and it's March the 31th, time to review this mad month, needles have run on many projects

Time to share the magic formula :  Take some Gifted Gorgeousness works, add a dash of Wipocalypse, spice with some new starts, watch the Theme-A-Stitch growing during 31 days and...   let's savour the March Madness...

Village Quaker  

            Patins d'argent / Silver skates : Pattini d'argento

 On the left, I'm trying
a thread D140 in place of
the brown used for shoes.

               Brin d'un jour : Marché de Noël      

Quand Noël s'en mêle              

                    Tra la la / Tableautin d'hiver

J'ai choisi un DMC 4045 - dégradé de vert pour broder l'arbuste à gauche sur le motif
I choosed a DMC 4045 Evergreen Forest - Color Variations to stitch the bust on the left side of the pattern.

Jeu de l'oie

a few stitches on "au bord de la mer"
"seaside towel"


new starts :

Sei personaggi in cerca di Natale - cuore et Batticuore

six personnages   Cuore et Batticuore

a secret stitching for next Easter Blog Hop organized by Jo from Serendipitous Stitching

See you tomorrow morning, cause it's a new month...
Demain matin nous serons le 1er jour d'un nouveau mois...

3 commentaires:

  1. So many lovely projects. Thank you for joining in this month. I love village Quaker.

  2. Such beautiful stitches, every one! I really love Village Quaker too.

  3. Plenty of madness here, so many lovely projects. Can't wait to see the Easter Hop one!