dimanche 26 mars 2017


As it is the last Sunday of the month, it's time for WIPOCALYPSE hosted by Melissa


A perfect SUNday as I have stitched sitting in the garden.

My goals for 2017 are to work on : keys/poppies themes/goose game/

and some old works : cube/buttons/autumn/

Goose game is the only piece I'm working on
(from goals list)

 As I found back my orange thread
(hidden in my armchair)

I added some numbers

and some feathers on geese
the bigger one and smallest

On Melissa WIPocalypse check-in you'll find many blogs participating too.

Two more lines to say that you can still play on STEP  5/3  till Monday evening...  (previous post)

and you can visit "StitchersAnon" who presents a game and the link to FB to win some books.

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