dimanche 7 juin 2015


Some clues....  Indices :
"en passant par la Lorraine"  famous old traditional french song
(passing by Lorraine)
rencontrés trois capitaines  (meet 3 captains, captain stripes)
les 3 lunes du blason, the three moons
on the Lorraine blazon
la région aux 3 frontières  :
l'Allemagne - Germany, le Luxembourg, la Belgique - Belgium
que j'ai choisi de représenter sous le symbole de la Triforce de la Légende de Zelda,
I chose symbol of Triforce in Legend of Zelda from our compagnon to figure 3 borders aera.

The "crunchy" spicy chocolated detail was  M&M
which are the initials of  "Meurthe et Moselle"
department 54.....  ;)
M&M était l'indice croustillant de l'énigme...

11/2  - the sharp given was    L      N       V     L      E        
 drawn in the game
you had to insert                        U       E       I      L

then appears......  LUNEVILLE.....   magic!

Very famous old technic of embroidery


Our faithful travelling compagnon Debbie will be the lucky one who will receive some surprises very soon.

For next week...
Finally,  is it fantasy or reality?

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  1. Sorry, I post at 13.59 which is 14.59 here but miss to validate comments of my great guessing guests on first post. It's ok now after a lovely and sunny sunday in the garden most of the time, its 20.48 happy DH is watching Zorro on TV....(the sixties one) and I'm back on blogs. Hugs

  2. Curse having to go to work! I didn't have a chance to try solve this one beyond the Dept!

  3. I deeply sympathize, but I'm sure you have been equal to the task at work, even essential! Hugs