mardi 2 juin 2015


Our new moon appointment with,                               en ce 2 juin notre rendez-vous avec Measi
Measi's Musings WIPOCALYPSE

Topic:  Do you find yourself more productive with stitching in summer or winter?

Not really influenced by the season, summer could be busy in the garden with outside activities of course but I need my daily moment of DIY works (most often during lunch time in office), can't spend a day without feeling some fabric under my fingers or paper, pencils, scissors   And anyway there is no season in my brain it's always spring for new ideas flowering every day (the horn of plenty being filled by blogs and internet's help now).

So, WIP:

Labyrinthe, some waiting time in waiting room...

Last month  

Today update

As we are speaking of  "games" in my list of DIY "games" are : labyrinth, parcheesi, children cubes, domino, snakes and ladders.

Called "JEU DE L'OIE"  "goose game"  I choosed a free pattern from " and try to adapt it to my fabric.

I try not to fall in the well before finishing all the squares.

Lace :I saw a mistake in the stitching of the third design so back to re-start the rank.

Progress on keys are kept for GG update on next 15th as well as gifts.

For those you travel with me in my tour of French towns famous for stitching
All the drawings are finished and posts ready to be published till June

I am sewing too, new tablecloth and napkin, bags and some help to cosplay new model for DD3 next Japan Expo in Paris. Pic for July next post.

It's time to prepare lunch... so... back to the kitchen : onions to be peeled :(

3 commentaires:

  1. You made some nice progress on both your pieces. It must be tricky to stitch the maze and always count the stitches, lol.

  2. Your Labyrinth is looking good, it must be quite a confusing chart to follow.

    I like the idea that it is always Spring in your mind with all the new ideas growing and blooming.

  3. Lovely progress. It sounds like you have a very lovely way of looking at life. I like that!