dimanche 31 mai 2015


Some clues....

On the book list : Ste Odile (who is the patron saint of Alsace,
Maurice and Katia  Krafft were very famous vulcanologists
from Mulhouse, and tinctorials plants
are used to colour clothes  (see museum below)

stork, bill 68 (haut-rhin department),
Riesling is a white wine from Alsace served in high glasses,
kugelhof is a famous regional cake,
the A of Alsace is now in Bretzel design for tourism advertising.


 Visite du musée de l'impression sur étoffes à Mulhouse en 2000

We visited the museum of printing on cloth in August 2000 in Mulhouse

Bien sûr impossible de ne pas évoquer  "DMC"   notre grande et fameuse fabrique de fils.
DMC  well-deserved reputation



 àdje / aur’voir

Next wednesday, just keep the Link

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  1. that's true! all the DMC threads come from the Mulhouse factory!
    and.. mmmhh!! ich liebe Bretzeln!
    next week.. Link with a capital L and written in green.. Zelda? :D

  2. Oooooh wonderful... I was right... That was a lot of fun... Looks like a fab place to visit and omg I would spend hours, no, days there! Ha ha ha
    Smiles :)

    1. I have often dreamed to be lock alone in those museums or castles after the closure and open the showcase to observe closer, touch, examine, feel
      (if it's in dream and wearing gloves... no damage)

  3. I didn't quite do enough research to solve this one! Well done to those who did.