mardi 5 mai 2015


First of all WIPOCALYPSE is hosted by Measi

This WIP month of may is showing a singular aspect!


I often travel in holidays with too much projects
to expect work on than I really can finally do
(stitching, knitting for car hours, painting, writing,
photographing, drawing, 3D cutting .....)
This year as I'm getting wise and the car is getting
smaller, I made a big decision to only bring two works:
"lace" only white thread, and as a moral compensation
I allowed myself  a new one
(part of my game year project)

which will be a "maze".

The opportunity to use an "awfull" cloth I bought some years ago, I haven't really chosen it.
Sometimes, you get things because shops sell it to you, Only 3/4 fabric shops around the area and the only one I can visit during my work lunch break sells neither real nice cloth like linen nor small colored aïda, anyway I "get" two pieces of white and ivory sort of stitching cloth and some cheap thread found in discount shop, so here we are after many hours spent in car....

Yes, you're right, I already play some "hide and seek" with frogs in that labyrinth...

Petites parties de cache-cache avec des grenouilles fatécieuses mais Pénélope veille...

Comme dit le proverbe....

En avril, ne te découvre pas d'un fil, mais en mai fait ce qu'il te plait...

internet pic
There is french proverb which says  something like :
in april don't put clothes (one thread) off,  in may do what please you

Till April's dead, change not a thread

Vaucluse Vaison  Injury in Progress

Last week was a provencal holiday stay
near Vaison la Romaine in Vaucluse

and as a last consequence of the Fall of Roman Empire
I fell on the way to amphitheatre ruins :
left ankle sprain

Actually in search for a pretty chart for
velcro strip embellishment for splint

On next thursday I'll be able to tell you about
 x - ray  point    which is probably  made of
lines of simple cross stitch


My first meet with a scorpion....

Little story to tell you that when I was packing I saw something I first couldn't really recognize
with a closer look I discover it was a small scorpion,

I knew there are some in Provence but was trully surprised to found it near my suitcase.

I have been brave and call my husband just as a witness (the experience needed to be shared it was first a bit unbelievable) then as for spiders I do prefer he catches them than I.

to finish with two good news

on saturday was my birthday and what a good date to come into the world
Welcome Intotheworld Princess.....

quelle jolie date que ce 2 mai pour venir au monde

could have chosen this frame to announce you our two winners for my Mystery Tour of France.

Il faudra que je pense à une future présentation pour annoncer nos prochaines gagnantes, peut-être un cadre doré à l'or fin....

Mistral is well known to blow in South of  France
last tuesday was a windy day, and some papers with travellers names on were put on the terrasse table and   Wind In Provence   blew west and east,  bringing  Sheryl and Chiara  some surprises very soon.

Le Mistral qui souffle sur le sud de la France fût un malicieux partenaire, quelques noms sur des papiers pliés sur la table de la terrasse, il souffla vers l'ouest, il souffla vers l'est et apportera à deux de nos voyageuses : Sheryl et Chiara  quelques surprises très bientôt.

Prochain départ demain matin
Next departure tomorrow morning

6 commentaires:

  1. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a nice time away.

  2. Happy Birthday!
    I hope your ankle sprain isn't too bad. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  3. Happy belated birthday to you! And I hope that you only sprained your ankle and didn't break it when you fell.
    You have two very nice WIPs on the go. That maze is certainly very inviting for the frog, lol.

  4. Baby Charlotte born on your birthday. hope you had a great day. Sorry about the sprained ankle which is going to be bothersome for a few weeks. Thanks to the wind blowing my name and that of Chiara and thank you for the postcard. I have replied privately. Love the lace stitching and the maze looks intriguing. see you tomorrow.

  5. Happy Birthday! Sorry to hear about your great Fall and injury. I got your postcard today, thank you!
    I do like your labyrinth stitching although it looks easy to miscount and have to frog.
    We have a similar saying in England, we say "Cast ne'er a clout ere may is out" meaning "don't take off a item of clothing before the blossom is out on the may trees". Many people think this refers to the month of May but it's not.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday!
    How wonderful to share your birthday with the new Princess :o)
    Hope the ankle is healing.... what a nasty thing to happen on holidays
    Take care! Happy stitching on the maze..... :o)
    Hugs xx