vendredi 22 mai 2015


Installés dans notre wagon confortable, poursuivons notre périple

Settled in a comfy car, let's just continue the journey

Here is a map

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  1. mmhhh.. these clues I'm not so sure about now.. but since my comment to the previous post is still on hold I'm guessing I did well, right? :P

  2. So nice for Friday and another lovely drawing and clues!
    I think we have headed to 3 Allier and Moulins to see the National Centre of Stage Costumes,
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Not much time this week to investigate. Making my way to Cheverny, hope to find others their choosing costumes.

  4. It's true that Cheverny castle inspired Hergé to draw Marlinspike Hall, but we don"t move to Loir & Cher (41). For choosing a costume it's the right place to go.

  5. Cheverny was my first guess too! But Marlinspike translates literally to Moulinsart (which is where the windmills come in!) so I'm guessing Ile Moulinsart just south of Le Mans?

  6. It is not Ile Moulinsart (I just discovered it with you), In a way you're right, art has a great part in the place we have to join. Snowy is giving you a big clue and the department n° is in 9/1; Keep guessing!