mercredi 13 mai 2015


Rejoignons la prochaine gare

Back to the station

Rendez-vous plateforme 9    1/4    -    Meeting on plateform 9  1/4

We are leaving Gard 30.

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  1. This part of the journey is tricky for sure. I think we're headed for 09 Ariege and stopping at Saint-Girons. So many beautiful towns and villages in the region.

    1. The answer is not Ariège.... But I'm quite sure that Harry's magic wand will show you the good clue in the drawing. Hugs

  2. I looked up Lugdunum which is the Roman name for Lyon so that's my guess.

  3. Are we headed for Lyon in the Rhone Alpes¿

  4. I've set course, again and headed towards 69 Rhone and Lyon. I did find the Harry Potter promo train in Lyon. It looked very interesting.

  5. Ok here we go.....
    Department 63 - Puy-de-Dôme - situated three hours from Paris and an hour from Lyon by highways A71 and A72. (Lugdunum Express 6372)
    The coat of Arms is a Griffin
    City could be Ambert.... famous for cheese and paper mills

    Hugs xx

  6. Oh this is not 6372, it's 6972... so you'll have to move from Ambert to somewhere ..... you already named! What do you need to add to an eagle to get a Griffin.... Hedwig is helping you!

  7. oh how beautiful your Hedwig is!!
    first thing I noticed is Lugdunum Express instead of Hogwarts Express. I researched Lugdunum and found out it’s another Roman city in Gaul.
    it has a Latin origin like many spells in the Harry’s wizarding world, nice touch!
    the modern name for the city is Lyon, which means lion, Gryffindor’s mascot.. could it be as easy as Lyon? I don’t want to make the same mistake I made last time, when I had the right answer right under my nose from the very beginning, so I’m sticking with Lyon. :D