vendredi 15 mai 2015


Time to update GIFTED GORGEOUSNESS from JO

Pourquoi ne pas coudre un peu de papier pour changer...
Why not sewing some paper

some cards and notebooks as future gifts...

les barrières vont s'ouvrir pour nous permettre
de prendre la clé des champs

opened wood barriers to get free

bien sûr quelques breloques reçues en cadeaux
viendront ornementer cet ouvrage

GG link  some keys charms offered

 no more metallic threads for a while...   interesting work to add embroidery on that fabric

hello from space....  

and a new gift bought during holidays
kit "un chat dans l'aiguille"

monitoring station

6 commentaires:

  1. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I like the way you have embellished the printed fabric with your embroidery stitches.

  2. I have wanted to embellish fabric with embroidery stitches and have purchased the fabric to do it but have yet to give it a try - yours is lovely.

  3. You have such a wide range of interesting projects.

  4. Wow.... what a great range of crafts for your post
    Hugs xx

  5. oh, I recognise that beautiful blue bag!!
    I must blog about your gorgeous RAK, it's hanging in my wardrobe right now and it looks dashing!
    I must investigate that Un chat dans l'aguille kit, it looks ADORABLE. love the colours too, and what a great project you stitched!

  6. What an interesting and creative idea to embellish that fabric with your stitches. It is looking really lovely.