mercredi 6 mai 2015


Reprenons maintenant notre route en suivant la route de la soie
We'll follow now silk road....

Nous avons rendez-vous avec Jean près d'une arène

We'll meet Jean near an arena

We are leaving Pyrenées Atlantiques

7 commentaires:

  1. Wonderful to have you back!
    I hope our train is next stopping at Nimes in 30 Gard.

  2. So we are heading for Dept 30 Gard and the birthplace of thread. I wonder if DMC have a factory there?

  3. I have discovered that Nimes, the birthplace of Denime fabric, also known as Denim, is the capital of Gard so I am guessing that is where we are heading.

  4. And Jean is another clue! He looks like he is feeling a little "blue" or sad

  5. Maybe we are going to Cevennes in Gard - Saint Jean is there?

  6. We must be meeting at Nimes, are you there.

  7. oh my! oh my! I’ve been away from my Reader from far too long!
    here I am playing catch up again. I had saved the link to the last Prof. Layton post so that I moved on from that one newer post only. no spoiling the surprise! :)
    so.. number 30 is Gard, and you said we would meet Jean near the Arena, now Gard is known for the historical Roman remains, and there’s an Arena in Nȋmes.. which makes me think I should look for a silk thread renown place nearby Nȋmes.. my best bet is Alès.
    I loved playing with the Game Boy, I couldn’t convince my mother to buy me one when I was a kid but my younger sister did, and never actually enjoyed playing it - so I got it! the only downside was that it was fuchsia ;) and all the games I wanted to try as a kid had become impossible to find.
    I still loved to bits the ones they had got for her: Eldorado, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast :D