mercredi 20 mai 2015


Un journaliste d'investigation et ses amis, quels merveilleux compagnons pour continuer notre route

An investigative journalist and his friends, wonderful partners to be on our way

Dupond et Dupont doivent nous retrouver dans ce train
Il faut être fou à lier pour organiser ce voyage.

Mille sabords, pourvu que cet engin ne me donne pas le mal de mer !

We'll meet Thompson and Thomson on this train.

Billions of bilious blue blistering barnacles!

We are leaving Rhône  69

5 commentaires:

  1. We just re-watched Tin Tin at the weekend. A really wild guess, we're heading for 59 Nord but no clue of the city or town. In my exploring I did come across the Herge Museum in Belgium.
    Thanks for our weekly journeys!

  2. Hi, it is not Nord 59, not so far... and we'll stay in France. Hugs.

  3. platform #3 suggests department 3, Allier.
    and of course we’re accompanied by Tintin and his friends, we already knew that from the previous post.
    the sign invites to visit la valée des.. moulins, but I only get a canoeing reference when I google that.
    what if it was less complicated than I think, just Moulin, a city in Allier?

  4. I found a Vallee du Moulin near Cher dept 18 but I'm not sure how it fits in with the next clue!

  5. Hi, it is not Cher 18, but windmill is a good kind of answer. xxx