dimanche 21 juin 2015


Some clues

78 on the box to C. KENT
(Yvelines n° department)

TdJ in the caddy and J xxx J  on rabbit
embroidery hoop


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So, our "tour" is over, it was a great fun to travel with you....    See you soon....

Voilà notre tour de France terminé, ce fût un plaisir de voyager en votre compagnie, à bientôt.

I have loved so much to choose towns, read and learn a lot about them, collect information, conceive and plan the trip, choose the characters with a "train link", find little stories to organize each step, search for pictures or drawings I can take inspiration from (thanks to the internet). For those 13 steps : 39 posts,  drawings, watercoloring, photographies, a lot of strange clues and twisted riddles, grammatical mistakes in English, laborious layouts (try again!),

so much fun to reed your comments, waiting for you to get lost... and most often really impressed by your clever first good guess, I have discovered other places with your proposal and loved all the details of your "quest".

Thank you for sharing those good days with me.


4 commentaires:

  1. I am so happy that I got the final one right! It has been a great journey around your lovely country.
    You have worked so hard with all the clues, the drawings and the information, it has been fun and educational at the same time.

  2. it was fabulous!! you put so much work and effort in this game, and every step was so interesting and fun to discover.
    I LOVED it all to bits! do I recognise that beautiful toile?? I think I do! it's hanging right there with my clothes! <3 <3 <3
    thank you so so much for all the great fun and chance to learn new things, it was a joy! ;)

  3. This journey through France has been great fun, so many beautiful embroidery things to be found and museums and amazing chateau to visit. We appreciate the time and work you have taken to have organised this`hop round France´ and also the gorgeous gifts we have found on the way. hasta el siguiente viaje.

  4. Thank you for providing us with wonderful entertainment.....a special 'Amazing Race'.... Merci !!