mercredi 10 juin 2015


  We are leaving 54 Meurthe et Moselle

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  1. good morning
    The train is heading for 62 Pas-de-Calais and stopping at Calais. I've discovered a beautiful lace museum....well worth looking at.

  2. good morning Nadine, Having a quick look at our next destination. My first guess is Calais in the Pas de Calais region which is famous for its lace making

  3. mmhhh.. relooking threw me a bit off, did you mean "makeover" or is it a reference I cannot catch? I wonder..
    thank goodness there's another bit of info to work with: Côte d'Opale: I found it weeks ago when researching another destination.
    and since you mentioned lace in your clue, I have to say Calais, which is widely known for it.
    can't wait to read the next clue and understand all the bits I'm missing :)