samedi 13 août 2016


It's time to put off our dancing shoes from Jo's linky party and put on our boots for this first report of olympic stitching games

Premier bilan de notre semaine olympique, deux épreuves :

équitation / riding
broder le "cheval" de la crèche sur
stitch the "horse" on nativity scene

notre cheval en compétition sera ...  un âne...
mais pas n'importe quel âne celui de la crèche
our competition horse will be...  a donkey...
but THE donkey, the one of the navity scene

don't need shoehorn to put on riding boots...

dedication to DH's black belt of judo
watch how I find a lovely way
judo champion = Teddy Riner (actuel French best + 100  kg)
teddy = bear

broder le petit ours sur "Marché de Noël" de chez Brin par brin

stitch the bear on my Christmas market

here is our bear...

next competition will be swimming 

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