vendredi 3 avril 2015


Vous cherchez encore...

Keep guessing...

Here is a map to far west

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  1. now I know I got it right, with the references to the bridge and the Reverend. :)
    it was so interesting to read about the Finisterre department, and the historical sites there.. I can't wait to see where we go next! ciao!

  2. Trying again...
    Landerneau - there used to be s linen trade there :)
    Hugs xx

    1. You must go back to Quimper aera,for the meeting. Hugsxx

  3. I've been Googling again! I'm guessing the town of Quimper in Dept 29 Finisterre (or Land's End). They are the home to the bagpipe band whose name is on the bag in the first clue. They also have Pont l'Abbe or Bridge of the Abbot/Reverand. Just not sure what needlework they are famous for but I am sure you will tell us on Sunday.

  4. So I went back and read the comments on the previous post and spotted that it is not Quimper after all. I looked at the map more closely and saw there is an actual town called Pont l'Abbe so that is my next guess!

  5. I've traveled back a bit and have stopped in Audierne. Very beautiful and hopefully I'm getting closer.

  6. Sorry it is not the place you'll meet the Reverend! xxx

  7. I'm still searching...and seeing many beautiful towns and sights. Hopefully my stop at Pluguffan brings me closer.

  8. Only around 12 km, just check closer the ticket on first post! xxx

  9. Ok..... Been looking more into this....

    It's dept 29...
    Is it a town called Pont-L'Abbe...... It has lots of history with castles and churches. It is associated with the red bonnets uprising.
    Because of its location it's the most visited town in Brittany.
    There is a museum Bigouden with a collection of traditional Brittany costumes and bonnets.
    There is a bridge which is the first bridge, a monk built it.
    Hope I am closer now?
    Oooh I love doing this!!!
    Smiles :)