mercredi 22 avril 2015


C'est un professeur qui, cette fois, va vous accompagner
Today your guide will be a famous professor

We are leaving Corrèze

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  1. I have the dept - 64 which is Pyrenees Atlantique, home to the Basque language which I think is the ethnological characteristic. Although I associate it more with Spain these days.
    Couldn't find a town with a needlework connection yet!

  2. This time it is not about embroidery. Universe is big..... (Be sure I've got my own shoehorn!) xxx

  3. Wandering around Bayonne trying to find someone, where is everyone? Am I lost?

  4. Too near to the ocean, you could ask your way to a sheperd. xxx

  5. oh, I just got here! so, first of all your Professor Layton looks FANTASTIC!
    I love him, I have I think 3 of the Nintendo games and boy, they were addictive!
    anyways, getting back to our journey: I see 64 on the locomotive, and Professor Layton says he's here to talk about an ethnologic characteristic, and the word bronze has something to do with it.. mh, I guess you're referring to the fact that in Pyrénées-Atlantiques (department 64) the Soule area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, in fact Neanderthal settlements were found. "Bronze" might be a hint to the Bronze Age.

  6. Bronze is only a name choosen because "laiton" in french means brass (bronze medal for fake clues...) but this one is ok : keep this under your hat.