mercredi 15 avril 2015


Il arrive parfois que de mauvaises fréquentations viennent perturber un voyage

Sometimes during a journey you may cross the path of some non frequentable persons

Our next step is on a fictitious meridian between Lowestoft and Tarragona
not farther than 300 km

Suivons un méridien fictif entre Lowestoft et Tarragone pour rejoindre à moins de 300 km
notre point de rencontre

We are leaving Indre & Loire (37)

5 commentaires:

  1. mmhhh.. interesting clues today.
    I see what looks like an Italian flag on the wagon, 4 gunslingers from the Wild West, and an indication to stay on the meridian between Lowestoft and Tarragona when looking for the next city; keeping a 300 km distance from Richelieu.
    my best best is Brive-la-Gaillarde; it's on the line, just little less than 300 km from Richelieu; and "gaillard" in French means scammer and you said these guys would steal garments rather than buy them.. close enough! :P

    1. very close, I'm always amazed how clever are my distinguished guests.

  2. This is a very tricky one! I shall have to go look up the coordinates for my home town now!

    1. I simply hope that my geographical calculations are not wrong ;) Not enough time to get an approval of Greenwich Observatory! (if they are correct how funny it will be!)

  3. I´m stopping off at Tulle in Correze.