vendredi 24 avril 2015


Faisons route vers le sud, observant le paysage avec attention,
Travelling to south, be careful and take a look to the landscape with attention

Luke :  You have received so much letters from your French fans!

Professor LAYTON : Yes and I must choose three favorite letters it's a lot!

Here is a map

7 commentaires:

  1. I found all your mountains, the one where the Tour de France goes, the one with the observatory. I'm guessing a three letter town called Pau is our destination?

  2. It is very close to Pau. 3 letters... it is the most serendipitous clue I found, How funny, just luck! xxxx exceptionally step 6/3 on saturday evening.(a short break for some holidays) hugs

  3. I'm sure I must have missed the train....very late with posting my guess this round...I'm hoping that Gan is our destination.

  4. Great you're back, it's not GAN. Good idea 3 letters town! Remember Pr Layton has a role to play. But with PAU and GAN you've got the A and you have another good letter, ah ah 2/3 so close yep!

  5. it must be Nay then! :P
    three letters, with an A in the middle and another of the letters mentioned by Debbie and Jo.. and it's in the Béarn region you mentioned in Luke's clue.

  6. I've been studying the map and looking at many towns in the area, so pretty. This time stopped at Nay. Have a great vacation!