dimanche 19 avril 2015


Vous avez été complices d'une bande bien connue qui va rester quelques temps à l'ombre
You were in collusion with a famous band, they'll stay away for a while.

Some clues....
the special textile

for wedding is called "tulle".

On William stitching board was the number 19  -
Corrèze department number

The post on 08.20.14 was "TULLE" our vacation spot,

le poinct de tulle est très particulier, le 20 août 2014 nous étions en vacances en Corrèze
d'où un article dénommé "TULLE"



Dedicated to the Grey Tail.... and the Stitch Enigma.

which begins on May 1st,  intro and rules here ...


Next times we'll meet a famous archaelogist.

Prochainement nous allons voyager avec un archéologue renommé.

4 commentaires:

  1. Oh dear, I did miss some obvious clues! I didn't think to look at your blog posts for that date! I was looking for something national to France!

    Wish me better luck this week.

    1. My vacations posts should become something national to France, I agree. ha ha ha. Must leave you to call Mr President H (he was mayor of Tulle during 7 years...;) Hugs

  2. wow.. your work white is beautiful.. is it hardanger?
    i love the mushroom.. happy guessing ladies

  3. these two pic are not my work. It's "point de tulle" lace, every week I choose a different french embroidery to show.
    Last week was on "Richelieu" whitework, this one I made. xxx