samedi 4 juillet 2020


Welcome to "The people choose", it's Jo's SAL about what you want to see on blogs. First Saturday of the month, you can share with your stitching friends a post whose topic has been put to the vote.

This month theme is about the designer you have stitched the most.

Statistically speaking I'm selecting "Cuore & Batticore" I love a lot and stitched three charts :

Halloween  - I love Halloween in the rain - J'adore Halloween sous la pluie

Les patins d'argent - Pattini d'argento - Silver skates "Christmas is... skating on ice... with you"

Six personnages de Noël - Sei personaggi in cerca di Natale - Six Christmas characters

They are both waiting for home made frames, black fabric with charms for Halloween 
and a white wool frame for the skaters

It gives me 8 finishes and 2 WIP.

Six different characters to stitch                I made this one for a Christmas in July exchange

Stitched on two different fabric, the sixth is almots finished.
I certainly will made a finish as six small ornies with a ribbon like the designer picture shows them

Régulièrement de nouveaux modèles sur le blog tous plus jolis les uns que les autres et très tentants !
They have a lot of new patterns I found lovely

I immediatly felt the fever of cross stitching back
on a "only follow the pattern work"
the little voice that tells you just buy the chart, the fabric, the colours
and make it!

The shop where I can find the supplies had the good idea to open on Monday's afternoons
since a few weeks, as it's day off work for DH, I got a driver (I didn't get the appointment
I needed with the ophtalmologist with the Covid issue and cataract added to vision lost
I don't feel save to drive alone at the other end of the town).

Un petit tour dans La Boutique de Brode 41 après la visite chez l'ophtalmo...

Here are the two charts I selected

Voici les deux modèles que j'ai choisi pour calmer une poussée de fièvre brodeuse.

Looking for the pictures on the internet, see what appeared when I selected "Cuore & Batticuore"
Hart to hart movies, the French name is : "for the love of risk" which can be sometimes so true due to my troubles in cross counting.

Melissa who's hosting the Wipocalypse SAL, said that July will be
one project focus month. I never participated in an every day stitching event
very tempting for this new chart, so...

day 1
day 2
day 3

day 4
They have posted a lot of free charts on they FB page, so here is one for you

The other designer I want to show you is "Brin par brin"
I love the way they sell their patterns, very useful little notebook, plastic-coated pages,

I made only this funny rabbit on the first serie,
the six charts of  "Marché de Noël" - Christmas market

and those lovely stitching birds too.

jeudi 2 juillet 2020


June last Sunday was the right time for the half year Wipocalypse update, you'll see why I'm late...

It's all about the projects we want to finish before the end of the world and you'll find on Melissa's blog all the stitching blogging friends who are participating.

Here is my "20 in 20" list ; voici ma liste :

1/ La clef des champs - keys  (fields) -  2/ La clef de l'énigme - keys  (riddle)
3/ L'oiseau  - cardinal bird -  4/ Jeu de l'oie - goose game  -  5/ L'automne - autumn
6/ Boutons roses - rose buttons  -  7/ Fillette houx - holly girl
8/  Zazobouzi - dînette - cooking set   - FINISHED  -  9/  Feutrine - felt
10/ Loto hiver-Noël - Pâques - lotto Christmas -
11/ Les chats - cats  -  12/ La parisienne - The Parisian  -  13/ Hibou - owl
14/ Les oiseaux brodeurs - the stitching birds  -  15/ Un invité dans la cuisine - a guest in the kitchen
16/ Boule à neige - snowball  -  17/ Vêtements pour poupée mannequin - Clothes for dolls
18/ Zazobouzi - poupées - dolls   FINISHED -  19/ Coeurs - hearts in fabric  -  20/ Cercles à broder - Hoops

The question of the month is : How are you doing with your goals? 
My 20/20 list losts more than half of the projects I thought I will work on. Mostly because I spent some much time on sewing the fabric dolls "18" that I'm now far from the road I planned, If I want to reach my destination, the ship's captain must restore course. 

Ma liste pour 2020 a perdu plus de la moitié des 20 projets initialement prévus, surtout à cause du temps passé à coudre les poupées du 18. Je suis bien loin de ma route et si je veux aller à bon port, le capitaine doit redresser la barre !

4/ Not a lot of cross stitch because of dolls sewing, but I kept some hours for the game goose, not to abandon the first half part of my list. So, I begun the 47/48 square with a personal pattern I draw last month about astronomy.

5/ Autumn - a very, very old WIP, my magnifying lamp is out and green threads back on those leaves

I sware I did it seriously, so close to the fabric that I only saw my mistake when I took the picture
miscounting again!!! 
Maybe I should rename my blog "masochism and half-point".
Impossible to post with this awful update so Monday evening was frogging
and Tuesday afternoon restart!

9/ Pinterest is what I could call the dangerous world I sometimes visited to see ideas for dolls but I used it again for felt vegetables and can't wait trying something new. I wanted to make a pineapple, so I'm making a base with an old yellow fabric (I'm sorting my boxes to check the fabric textures, footages, what I'm gonna do with all I have stored for years plus my mother's. On that little sausage I'll add folded squares of yellow felt.

Un projet d'ananas vient honorer le numéro 9 de ma liste, j'espère que le montage sera réussi.

18/ Zazobouzi dolls are finished and I posted on the 23 and 25th special articles about the designer and the fabric dolls and clothes.

jeudi 25 juin 2020

FELIX et Cie - Part two

Second part of my post on Zazobouzi fabric dolls. I have writen on last Tuesday about the designer.

Here are some more pictures of Félix and Violette outfits.

The designer told me to copy the pattern of the clothes to be able to make more. I did it and will certainly sew some more skirts or trousers.

But first I thought it would be fun as I was sewing a summer dress for Capucine to make a small one for her doll.

Bien sûr, de nombreuses idées me titillent et je ne vais certainement pas m'arrêter là ! Des photocopies conseillées par "Zazobouzi" me permettront de fabriquer d'autres jupes ou pantalons.

Tout d'abord Violette s'est vu offrir un collier. Une nouvelle robe d'été dans le même tissu que sa "maman".

As I'm creating some fashion doll dresses, Violette got a dansing skirt with some butterflies ornaments.

Violette and Félix had already some accessories : both got hats, a bag for the girl and backpack and scarf for the boy.

Dans les kits des poupées étaient prévus comme accessoires : un sac pour Violette, un chapeau ; un sac à dos, une écharpe et un chapeau pour Félix.

I already made a small necklace for Violette and will prepare accessories for some surprise gifts to send to Capucine by mail. In summer it could be fun to receive some bathsuit or sleeping bag/camping set, warm scarf for fall, tiny ornaments for Christmas and so on like tiny magazines,  shopping bags with foods, apron, plants... for the girl's amusement.

Mais pour amuser Capucine, j'ai bien l'intention de lui envoyer par la poste de petites enveloppes surprises fonction des actualités saisonnières : matériel de bain et camping pour l'été, équipement scolaire pour la rentrée des classes, écharpes pour l'automne, décorations pour Noël par exemple.

S'ajouteront à ces envois des petits bricolages comme : magazines, paniers garnis, tabliers, etc...

Comme ce ne sont pas des poupées qui peuvent s'asseoir, j'ai eu l'idée du fauteuil poire actualisé pour gagner du temps sur la confection en fauteuil berlingot rapide à couper et assembler, un peu plus long de réduire en petits morceaux ces chips de polystyrène !

As they are not dolls that can sit, I had the idea of the updated pear chair to save time on the quick to cut and assemble berlingot chair, it took a little longer to reduce into small pieces these polystyrene chips!

I'm thinking too of making some walls -to recreate some kind of doll house book (4 pages carousel book). I'll made some tests to see if she can play with it, if it's not too fragile for a 4 years girl (soon to be).

Dans la boîte à idées, la fabrication de murs en carton pour une maison-livre en montage façon carrousel. Si toutefois ce n'est pas trop fragile pour une petite fille de seulement-bientôt 4 ans.

mardi 23 juin 2020

VIOLETTE & Cie - Part one

I recently finished the fabric dolls from Zazobouzi, so let me introduce you this designer and show you all about this nice sewing project.

Je viens de terminer la confection de la deuxième poupée Violette de chez Zazobouzi, j'en profite pour publier un article dédié à cette styliste.

Voici donc un petit historique de cette aventure.

Découverte de la créatrice Zazobouzi lors d'un salon loisirs et création et premier achat d'un kit à réaliser, celui d'un puzzle.

I first met this designer in the DIY local fair.
And bought a fabric kit to make a fox puzzle
to my grandson.

Then I bought the diner set. Quite a challenge to sew them, especially the cups and sugar bowl.

Puis l'année suivante, j'ai acheté la dînette. Les quatre tasses et le sucrier furent un peu un défi à relever.

En 2019, la styliste venait de créer une série de poupées et leur garde-robe, très tentant quand on vient d'être grand-mère d'une petite-fille.

Donc Violette et ses vêtements

In 2019, she created all a world of dolls,
that was very tempting for me as a new grandmother of a little girl.

Violette n°1 was a success so in January I bought a boy : Félix  and another Violette to offer to Soline (my goddaughter's daughter who is only six months older than Capucine).

Cette année, rassurée par cette réalisation réussie, deux nouveaux achats : Félix et une autre Violette pour offrir à Soline la fille de ma filleule.

Félix :

It's a lot of sewing, often I had to hand sew before cause it's so tiny and every jacket or top has a back collar (facing?), the finishes are really great but need to work with precision.

Beaucoup de coutures à la main, à la machine, tous les hauts et vestes ont des parementures qui nécessitent un faufilage.

But the clothes look great and that's the point!
Le résultat est très joli et mérite cette précision dans l'exécution.